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Tulane Campus Services will remain in restricted operations mode until further notice. We have limited staff, services, and hours at this time. For more information on modifications to our services, click here.

Event Registration Process

  1. Determine if your facility is available: Visit this page to find out if the facility or space you are interested in using is available. The department, center, school, or college should receive confirmation for availability from the facility prior to submitting their request for approval to Event Services.
  2. Submit an event request in WaveSync: The department, center, school, or college must submit an online request through the OrgSync website no later than twenty-one (21) days prior to your event provided your event meets ANY of the following criteria. Click here if you do not have a WaveSync account. For detailed instructions on how to submit an event request in WaveSync, click here.
    1. Your event will have thirty (30) or more attendees
    2. You will be serving alcohol at your event
    3. Your event will be held outdoors.
      If your event does not meet any of the above criteria, you are not required to register your event with Event Services.
  3. Event request is reviewed: Once your event request is submitted, it will be reviewed by the following departments for approval within two business days: Budget Office, Campus Health, Event Services, Office of the Provost, Risk Management, and TUPD.
  4. Event request approved or denied: Upon approval by the above departments, the department, center, school, or college is notified via email that their event has been approved.
  5. Event permit issued: Event Services will issue a permit indicating the event has been approved and authorizing the serving of alcohol (if applicable) to ensure the University Alcohol and Other Drug Policy and Beverage Pouring Rights Protocols are adhered to. Any event serving alcohol will be provided with a permit that must be displayed during the event. Event Services will ensure all Insurance/Risk Management requirements are met.
  6. Event site visit: On the day of the event, a representative from Event Services or TUPD will conduct a site visit to confirm that all policies and procedures are being adhered to.