Student Due Dates

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The departments within the Division of Campus Services provide Tulane students with identification cards, dining options, course materials, technology, parking, transportation, and more. The following due dates will help you prepare for the semester. 

May and June: Review the university computer and device recommendations at: Please use the links at the bottom of the page or contact your academic department to confirm the computer requirements for your specific program. 

Save your graduation dollars! Consider accessing educational deals on devices with Technology Connection, Tulane's owned and operated computer store. Technology Connection’s best back-to-school specials will be available in late June or early July, but for those who need computers sooner, check out Technology Connection’s graduation specials.

June 30: Upload a photograph for your Splash Card. REQUIRED

Check your Tulane email in May for instructions to upload your Splash Card photo. If you do not receive an email by June 1, please email us at to request a new link. You will receive your Splash Card in your check-in packet when you arrive on campus for move in. Upload your photo as soon as possible to ensure you receive your card at check-in.

July: Check your email in July for information on how to ship items to Tulane for in-room delivery during move-in. In general, all residential students are assigned a campus mail code to manage mail, which is included in the mail packet. Please save your mail code for future reference. REQUIRED

Check with Technology Connection, the Tulane campus computer store, for back-to-school computer specials with promotions from Apple and other manufacturers.

Eligible Newcomb-Tulane College students will receive an email from the Tulane bookstore about the NTC Undergrad Bundle. Students should respond to this email immediately and select pickup or delivery so that their course materials and books will be ready on the first day of classes. Please remember the NTC Undergrad Bundle includes digital materials. 

August: Students who are at the sophomore level and above can purchase a parking permit through Tulane University Parking Services. Freshman students are not permitted to park on campus. 

Uptown parking permits will be available mid-August. Be sure to purchase one before your arrival once uptown permit availability is announced. To learn more about uptown parking permits, go to:
Pre-registration for downtown parking permits is not available. To learn more about downtown parking permits, go to:

August: Become familiar with the shuttles and transportation options at Tulane. For more info, go to:
August 25 to September 1: Review or change your dining plan. REQUIRED

All first-year and second-year students, whether they live on-campus or off-campus, are required to enroll in a dining plan. If you are a first-year student, you will be automatically enrolled in the unlimited dining plan. If you are a second-year student, you will be automatically enrolled in the dining plan you were enrolled in for the previous spring semester. You can change your dining plan by August 25 to avoid fees, and then until September 1 with fees added.

September 1: This is the last day to opt out of the NTC Undergrad Bundle with the bookstore.

Eligible Newcomb-Tulane College undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in the NTC Undergrad Bundle, an automated course materials ordering process. You will receive an email from the bookstore with instructions for pickup or delivery before the semester begins. The program only includes all materials and cannot be applied a-la-carte.

If you are considering opting out of the NTC Undergrad Bundle, the Tulane bookstore recommends that you first calculate the possible level of savings on textbooks and course materials very closely. Here’s how you can calculate your costs: 

And remember: if you opt-out, you will have to pay for digital materials, separately.

Do you have a question not covered here? Please send us an email at