Employee Recognition Program

We realize our staff are the key to our success as an organization. We’re dedicated to recognizing those who demonstrate outstanding customer service in their daily work as well as those who are always raising the bar to exceed expectations through customer-centric, proactive, consistent experiences. The Reward and Recognition Program seeks to recognize the following attributes and behaviors in our staff:

  • Innovation: Demonstrates innovation and creativity that results in cost savings and/or improved processes and efficiencies.
  • Leadership: Steps up to take the lead. Keeps a cool head in difficult situations. Is accountable for their own behavior and holds others accountable as well.
  • Ethical Behavior: Demonstrates a commitment to an atmosphere of empathy and compassion. Is trustworthy and demonstrates integrity.
  • Customer Focus: Demonstrates commitment to a positive customer experience and exceeds customers’ expectations.
  • Teamwork: Demonstrates a commitment to the team and makes valuable contributions to it. Builds strong relationships among peers and takes the initiative to pitch in without being asked.

Any member of the Tulane University community may nominate a Campus Services staff member for reward and recognition. A brief synopsis should accompany each nomination. Campus Services senior leadership team will meet once a month to review nominations. Nominees will be graded on a 0-5 scale for the following categories:

  • Innovation (0-5)
  • Leadership (0-5)
  • Ethical Behavior (0-5)
  • Customer Experience (0-5)
  • Workforce/Teamwork (0-5)

Those scores will then be compiled to achieve a cumulative score for the nomination. Based on the cumulative score (0-25), the team member will be awarded as follows:

  • $10 Visa Gift Card (0) Bronze Award
  • $50 Visa Gift Card (1-8) Silver Award
  • $100 Visa Gift Card (9-16) Gold Award
  • $200 Visa Gift Card (17-25) Platinum Award

Click below to complete the employee nomination form:

Reward and Recognition Nomination Form