Facilities Services FAQs


How do I request services?

All non-emergency requests for Facilities Services should be done via our maintenance system. For more information about Service Wave, click here
Who should I contact if I have an emergency request?

All facilities and service emergencies should be called in to (504) 865-5441.
What is a running job order (RJO) and when would I need to provide one?

An RJO is needed when we provide a high annual volume of billable work requests for departments or organizations that fall outside of the routine maintenance and repair we currently offer.
Why am I being asked to send in an Interdepartmental Transfer (IT) form?

ITs are required when we are being asked to perform services or projects that fall outside of the normal scope of work we provide.
Where do I find an Interdepartmental Transfer (IT) form and how do I fill it out?

Follow this link to the electronic IT form, as well as visit the Accounting site for detailed information on ITs.
I want to renovate my office. How do I start that process?

All requests to do any sort of work on campus such as painting, carpet installation, or renovation of university space should begin by filling out this form.
I am having car trouble. Can you help?

TUPD can assist with vehicle lockouts and dead batteries. They can also assist in getting additional help for issues like flat tires. Contact TUPD's non-emergency line at (504) 865-5381.
What are some environmental challenges on campus?

The humid climate in New Orleans makes our buildings susceptible to the growth of mildew and mold. However, you can take precautions to reduce moisture and the threat of mold and mildew growth. For more information about preventing mold and mildew, please click here.