Tulane Bookstore

The official Tulane bookstore offers all the required textbooks and supplies for academic courses, along with a large selection of reference and general interest books. You can also outfit yourself and family with Tulane gear, as well as find items for your residence hall, apartment, or office. The bookstore also carries health and beauty aids, greeting cards, gifts, and convenience items. We are located on the first floor in the Lavin-Bernick Center on the uptown campus. For more information, go to: tulane.bncollege.com.

NTC Undergrad Bundle Overview

Eligible Newcomb-Tulane College undergraduate students have access to the NTC Undergrad Bundle, which reduces the rental cost of materials for most undergraduate students. This bundle program ensures students have all the necessary materials for courses prior to the first day of class. This program began with the fall 2022 semester.

Eligible undergraduate students will have the opportunity to opt out of automated ordering via the NTC Undergrad Bundle, without being charged. The opt-out date will be the same date as dropping a class for a full refund that is listed on the university's academic calendar.

Instead of obtaining materials from multiple vendors, all materials will be automatically ordered by the bookstore based on the student's course schedule. 

Each eligible undergraduate student will be provided with a convenient package of physical books available for pick-up in the bookstore when they arrive on campus. Additionally, all digital materials and keys will be delivered directly to Canvas, the online learning management system.

For more information on eligibility, cost, and how the NTC Undergrad Bundle works, please go to the course materials webpage.