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The Tulane Bookstore understands that submitting book orders can be confusing. We've done our best to streamline the process, which includes providing responses to frequently asked questions, and access to our lunch & learn series.

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Faculty FAQs

What are book adoptions? 
Essentially, book adoptions pertain to the books and materials you order from the bookstore so that we can provide them to students by the first day of classes. Book adoptions are the materials being used in a course during the semester. Book adoptions, or book orders, include the physical books and digital materials in the reading list on your syllabus. This means that textbooks, as well as digital books, courseware, and self-published course packs need to be submitted as course materials when submitting your book adoptions in the AIP portal.

Why do faculty book orders matter?
Faculty book orders matter for several reasons. When faculty send in book orders, students will receive instant and easy access to books and course materials. When you send in book adoptions, students will access customer service assistance in the Tulane bookstore store. Students can sell books back to the bookstore for cash when faculty submit the next semester's adoptions within the book adoptions window. This also means students will have access to used books the following semester.

How will I know when book orders are due?
Each semester, you will receive an email with the book order window dates. The bookstore team recommends you take action in the AIP portal as soon as possible to problem-solve any issues early on and to help facilitate book buy-backs from students. If you do not take action quickly, you will receive email reminders from the bookstore until you do.

What happens when late orders or no orders are submitted?
When late orders or no orders are submitted, course materials may not arrive in time for class. Likewise, content may be delayed or unavailable due to high demand. This results in students not having course materials on the first day of class, which negatively impacts their learning and can lead to late assignments and falling behind. Additionally, when late orders or no orders are submitted, students cannot view materials on the bookstore’s website.

How can I send a book order if I cannot find the text in the bookstore's online portal?
If a text is not found in AIP portal, please contact the textbook manager, Manny Bruno, at textbook@tulane.edu.

How do I add a course material to adopt/order that is not a traditional book?
The AIP portal contains a search box. Please enter your course material titles in the search box. If you cannot find course materials there, please contact the bookstore team.

How do I order an old edition of a textbook?
It's a best practice to use the most current editions of textbooks. Please contact the bookstore team if this is not an option for your class.

For the NTC Undergrad Bundle, can I order both a physical and digital title for the same book?
No, only one format can be selected per title. However, accommodations can be made based on individual accessibility needs.

What do I do about my book orders when merging courses?
Merging courses often entails adding special digital course materials to your orders. Please contact the bookstore team for more information.

Have additional questions or feedback? Please contact the bookstore team.

Lunch & Learn Series

The Tulane Bookstore invited faculty to join the 30-minute lunch & learns. We've provided the slide decks as a resource below.

Friday, Sept. 29: Why Book Adoptions/Orders Matter

We shared how sending your reading list early ensures course materials are available when students need them and helps students save money by selling back their old books and accessing used books.

Download the Slide Deck for Session 1

Friday, Oct. 13: How to Use the Book Adoptions/Orders Portal

We shared how to use the bookstore’s online portal for requesting course materials.

Download the Slide Deck for Session 2

Friday, Oct. 27: Intro to the NTC Undergrad Bundle

We shared NTC (Newcomb Tulane College) Undergrad Bundle basics: what it includes, why it helps students, and how it supports the hassle-free opportunity for expanding your reading list. For FAQs on the NTC Undergrad Bundle, go to: campusservices.tulane.edu/bookstore/course-materials

Download the Slide Deck for Session 3

Please feel free to download all three slide decks from Box.