Posting & Advertising Policy

Please note: All posting approvals must be submitted online or in person at Campus Services, located in the Lavin-Bernick Center (LBC), Suite 107.


The requirements listed in this policy are for general posting areas on the uptown campus of Tulane University and are not intended to supplant policies for individual buildings. These policies have been developed in collaboration with the division of Campus Sevices, the division of Student Affairs, the Associated Student Body, and the Office of University Communications. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Division of Campus Services.

General Guidelines for Posting on Bulletin Boards

1.    Any and all items for general posting must be approved by the Division of Campus Services. The approval process requires a minimum of 3 days for review and approval.  To receive approval, submit a copy of your posting to Campus Services.  Accepted file types are Adobe Acrobat or PDF.   A stamp of approval will be placed directly onto the document and sent back to you for printing and posting.

For postings which are already printed, visit Lavin-Bernick Center, Suite 107 for an approval stamp.

Posting inside the LBC, Reily Center or residence halls requires approval from LBC Administration, the Reily Center and the Office of Housing and Residence Life respectively.  Fliers promoting Tulane-sponsored events and programs may be posted in academic buildings and should follow the posting rules of that board. See Appendices III and IV.

2.     Commercial posting by off-campus businesses, organizations, entities, and individuals is permitted ONLY on General Post boards.  See Appendix I for locations.   (back to top)

3.    All materials to be posted must adhere to the following general publicity guidelines:

a.    The person or organization sponsoring the event must have its name and contact information (phone number, e-mail or website and/or postal address) of the sponsoring group (or individual) visibly on the front of all publicity materials (posters, banners, fliers, etc.). Promotion for closed events must be by invitation and may not be done through the open posting or open distribution of posters, fliers, banners, etc.

b.    Postings are to be no larger than 14" x 22."  Anything larger than 14” x 22” should be sent to Campus Services for special consideration and approval. Publicity materials must reflect a responsible attitude toward alcohol. Materials that promote events where alcohol will be served must not overtly or covertly state or imply an invitation to participate in excessive drinking. Publicity materials promoting or advertising an event in which alcohol will be served must follow the Student Guide to the Tulane University Alcohol Beverage Policy as set forth by the University and approved by the University Senate.

c.     Publicity must not degrade groups or individuals.

d.    The Division of Campus Services reserves the right to reject publicity material if it is deemed inappropriate or if it fails to comply with the university guidelines.

4.    General posting is only allowed on designated bulletin boards as listed in Appendix I. At no time shall any material be posted or affixed on vehicles, trash cans, trees, sidewalks, support columns, lamp posts, buildings, benches, vending machines, telephone poles, windows or doors.

On General Post boards, it is the responsibility of the party receiving approval to not only to post the material, but also to remove the posted materials within 48 hours of the event.  Approved materials may be posted no more than 2 weeks prior to the event.
a.    Only one poster is allowed per board or kiosk, regardless of board size.

b.    Posting over or removing existing material is prohibited.

c.    Items may only be posted with pushpins or tacks. All other adhesives used to affix fliers, posters, or banners to posting surfaces are strictly prohibited.  NO STAPLES, NO TAPE!


Interior Building Posting

Posting for the interior of all campus buildings is under the purview of the individual building custodian or tenant, and as such, anyone wishing to post in an academic facility should first check for the specific policies of that building and if no such policy exists, then follow any rules that may be on the bulletin boards.  

Howard Tilton Memorial Library: The bulletin board in the basement is open to any and all posters. The areas in the learning commons are normally reserved for university-sanctioned events that have been approved by the folks that are in charge of the first floor.

Woldenberg Art Center: Bulletin boards are individually marked for specific use. Please reference the labels at the top of each board and post any applicable materials accordingly.

Reily Student Recreation Center: There are bulletin boards in each of the locker rooms that accommodate fliers that are 11"x17" or smaller. They may be given to the building manager on duty for approval.

School of Science and Engineering: Submit fliers to the Dean's Office (201 Lindy Boggs Center)  for approval prior to posting. Only post on bulletin boards, glass doors and tile walls using ONLY BLUE MASKING TAPE!  DO NOT POST ON ANY PAINTED SURFACES! 

Newcomb Institute (The Commons, 3rd floor): Fliers should be given to receptionist for approval.

Newcomb College Center for Research on Women (62 Newcomb Place, Caroline Richardson building): Fliers may be posted on front doors.

Cudd Hall: Posters may be taped to both sides of the glass doors surrounding the lobby (only one per event, please). No approval necessary.


Interior Bus Advertising

Tulane University departments, academic units, centers, campus events and recognized student organizations may purchase advertising space on a first-come first-served basis. Visit this page for more information.


All publications distributed on campus must be placed in university-owned racks which are situated in designated areas.  Distribution of publications requires the approval of Campus Services.  At no time shall any publication be placed on the ground.

Table Tents

The LBC has 88 two-sided 4”w x 6”h acrylic table-tent holders on located in the Food Court and Nalty Commons. The two panels can be filled on a first-come, first served basis to Tulane University student organizations and departments. All table tent designs must be submitted to and approved by the LBC Reservations Office. Fundraising efforts or advertising affiliated with elections are not permitted on table tents. Table tents may be displayed for a maximum of one week or seven calendar days. The sponsoring organization or group and contact information must be clearly stated on the table tent. To reserve table tent space, click here to complete the reservation form.

When reserving space in the acrylic table tent holders, your ad should be exactly 4”w x 6”h.

Digital Displays

Lavin-Bernick Center: The LBC owns and operates digital display monitors on each floor of the building. Customers with meetings inside the LBC may request to display a slide or short video clip with the meeting info, a speaker's photo, or any other relevant information. This ad will be displayed for no more than one week prior to the event. Please contact the LBC for more information about the video screens, or to obtain a template with the appropriate dimensions and resolution. All submissions are subject to approval by the LBC staff.

Freeman School of Business: The business school features the Symon Messaging System Media Service, which operates a number of video bulletin boards throughout the Freeman School. Known as Symon, students may use these monitors ot post messages for the benefit of the school's students, faculty, and staff.

To post a message, a message request form must be completed. Media Services reserves the right to make changes to any messages in order to meet formatting requirements. These changes will be made without notice by a member of the Media Services staff. A "kill date" or a date when the message should stop running is required. If no "kill date" is indicated on the Video Message Request Form, the message will run for no more than 30 days.

Emergency messages can be put on the TargetVision system. The nature of an emergency message shall be made at the sole discretion of the Director of Media Services in the Business School.

Reily Student Recreation Center: The Reily Center allows Tulane departments and organizations to post items on the digital display boards located on the second, third, and fourth floors of the recreation center.

General guidelines for Digital Display Boards:

  • Accepted format for images: JPG format
  • Accepted size of images: 1920px wide by 1080px high
  • All submitted content will rotate through screens. The rotation time is dependent on the number of submitted images
  • No image will be displayed for more than two weeks
  • Content must follow all appropriate university policies
  • Reily Student Recreation Center reserves the right to accept or refuse any submitted images
  • Submitted content should be high quality so as to appear smooth

Tulane departments and recognized student organizations may run one ad at a time by emailing an image to Trisha Torres at one week prior to having it posted. A file that is too large for email may be delivered via a jump drive or other physical media to the Member Services Office in Reily during normal business hours. All emails should include a department name, a contact person, and the desired dates of display. Content should be entirely Tulane-related.


Tulane University has a No Solicitation policy. Solicitations and promotions are not permitted on campus grounds or in campus buildings, including residence halls. The distribution (handing out to passers-by) of noncommercial, informational materials is allowed outside campus buildings only by recognized student organizations, university departments, and Tulane affiliates, all of whom must receive prior approval by the Division of Campus Services in Lavin-Bernick Center, Suite 107. The distribution of materials in the LBC is only permitted through the use of reserved booths which are sponsored by a university department or recognized student organization.

Booth Reservations

Only an authorized member of a university department, office, or organization may make a request for a booth location. Booth space is located at the LBC, in Bruff Commons and in the Stern Hall Breezeway. All booth reservations must be made through the LBC website. The authorized member making the request shall hereafter be referred to as the "Requestor." The university department, office or organization he/she is representing shall be hereafter referred to as the "Sponsor." A booth location may be reserved for 5 days per month per event. Only one booth location may be reserved for a Sponsor for any given day. Booths are not allowed in Pocket Park or Pederson Lobby. These areas are reserved for special events and not tabling opportunities. For more information on booth space or to reserve a booth, click here.


Banner Space Reservations

Only an authorized member of a university department, office, or organization may make a request for a banner location. A banner location may be reserved for up to seven days (including Saturday and Sunday). Only one banner location may be reserved per sponsor for any given day. For more information on banner space or to reserve a banner space, click here.

Tulane reserves the right to revoke a reservation at any time if the sponsor fails to abide by the policies set forth. Banners must reflect a responsible attitude towards alcohol. Banners which advertise events where alcohol will be served must not overtly or covertly state or imply an invitation to participate in excessive drinking. Banners may not have any alcoholic beverages listed on them. This includes event titles that contain references to alcoholic beverages. Banners may not have any illustrations that are identified with alcohol consumption. Banners must not degrade groups or individuals. Banners must have the sponsor’s name printed on them.

It is highly recommended that you request the sign manufacturer use reinforced stitching as well as add wind slits to avoid tearing due to wind and rain.

Student organizations and university departments needing the assistance of Facilities Services to hang banners must submit an Interdepartmental Order (IT) Form to Facilities Services at least two weeks in advance of their event. A fee is charged for this service.

Schools and large-scale or university-wide events may request special consideration for additional banner space, particularly at Stern where multiple banner spaces can be utilized.

Please note that there are separate policies governing the hanging or mounting of banners on university or academic buildings. These can be found in Appendix II.

LBC Lobby: The Lavin-Bernick Center student employees will hang and remove banners. Please bring the banner to the Information Desk either the day before or the day of your banner reservation. If you would like to reuse the banner at a later date you must retrieve your banner the day after your reservation ends. The banner may be picked up at the Information Desk. Banners left after 2 days will be discarded.

There are 6 banner locations along the 2nd floor railings of the lobby areas. They are designated as LBC 1, LBC 2, LBC 3, LBC 4, LBC 5, and LBC 6. Banners may not exceed 3’-0” in height and 8’- 0” in length.

LBC Pocket Park: The Pocket Park banner is hung outside on the railing and therefore should be professionally-produced not to exceed 3’-0” in height and 30’-0”in length. The sponsor must provide cable ties and hang the banner itself or submit an Interdepartmental Order (IT) Form to Facilities Services to hang the banner.

McAlister Drive: Sponsors reserving banner space over McAlister Drive must provide Facilities Services with banners that are 30 feet long by 4 feet high with D-ring grommets at each corner.

Stern Hall: There are 6 banner locations under Percival Stern adjacent to PJ’s Stern on the academic quad side.  These banner spaces are labeled 1 to 6 and are two different lengths.  Banners to be placed in spaces 1, 3 and 5 should measure 3’w x 3’h.  Banners to be hung in spaces 2, 4 and 6 should measure 7’w x 3’h.

Chalking Guidelines

Chalking on campus is suspended. The university will continue to remove all chalking across campus, regardless of content, through at least the end of the 2025 spring semester.

Yard Signs

The use of yard signs (informational as well as directional) is by approval only and is restricted to selected special events and in designated areas (See Appendix I). To receive approval, email a copy of your yard sign along with the proposed posting dates and locations to In addition, the use of yard signs must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Yard signs will only be allowed for campus programs and departments and the use of these signs may be limited to a designated number of events each semester.
  2. All yard signs may not be posted longer than 24 hours in advance of an event and must be removed by sponsoring program or department within 24 hours following the completion of the event.
  3. The name of the sponsoring department or organization must be listed on the sign, along with a phone number, web or email address for additional inquiries from the public.
  4. Schools and large-scale or university-wide events may request special consideration for additional yard sign placement.


Sanctions for violation of this policy by students and/or registered student organizations include, but are not limited to: fines and/or restitution, loss of future posting and/or facilities use privileges, loss of recognition for registered student organizations, other disciplinary sanctions, and other educational sanctions appropriate to the circumstances. University employees violating this policy may be subject to disciplinary action by the university. Non-university groups posting anywhere on university property will be subject to criminal prosecution and/or arrest.

Appendix I: Campus Map with Approved Locations

Click on the image below to view a printable PDF.

Public Posting Map

Appendix II: Policy for Temporary Signage, Banners, Screens, and Postings

Free-standing Signage (temporary/permanent)

Recently there have been an unusual number of postings of signage and banners on campus buildings and property. The proliferation of banners and other signage has taken away from the buildings’ character and has undermined the permanent campus building signage system. Buildings have been physically damaged by incorrect hanging methods. This issue has prompted the issuance of a policy to regulate banners and create appropriate securing methods so as not to damage campus property.

The need to address banner signage is particularly acute for buildings such as Dixon Hall, Gibson Hall, Stanley Thomas Hall, Newcomb Art Building, and other historic and architecturally significant buildings on our uptown campus, as well as for areas of campus such as the Academic Quad and the Newcomb Quad. Special provisions should be made to ensure that these buildings are not irreversibly damaged or their character undermined. The following set of policy guidelines address rules of duration and methods of attachment and shall apply to all campus buildings.

Definition: Banners are defined as a temporary form of exterior advertising or signage printed on a lightweight material such as cloth/plastic or board, hung by means of a pole, light fixture, ropes, hooks, or from windows.

Intent: The intent of banner signage is to serve as a means to communicate events to the Tulane community, and as such should be temporary and clearly event-related.

Goal: The overall goal of the banner policy is: (a) to protect our buildings from damage, and (b) to control the amount of incidental or non-standard signage.

General Conditions:

  • Banners identifying groups, departments, or organizations currently in buildings are not allowed.
  • Banners shall only be event-related.
  • Banners shall be allowed to hang for a fixed period of time not to exceed three days prior to the event and the day(s) of the event itself.
  • Banners are to be hung in a manner that does not damage the building, e.g., with a rope pulley system. Facilities Services will install permitted banners using accepted installation methods as determined by the Office of the University Architect.
  • Banners shall not cover windows or obstruct views into a building.
  • Light pole banners shall be approved by the Division of Campus Services in coordination with the Office of Communications.

Specific Guidelines for Departments to Apply for Banner Requests:

  1. A banner location may be used for up to three days prior to the event it is publicizing plus the day(s) of the event itself. In the case of Orientation and Commencement, banners may be hung a week ahead and taken down a week after the event. It is the responsibility of the organization to hang and remove its banner. Organizations are encouraged to limit the frequency of banners.
  2. Banners to be hung at the LBC, Stern Hall, and over McAlister Drive should be directed to the LBC.
  3. For banners to be hung at locations other than the LBC, Stern Hall and over McAlister Drive, please email a request to the Division of Campus Services and the Office of the University Architect (OUA). Exact wording, description of the illustration and duration must accompany the request. OUA and CS in coordination with the Office of Communications will approve or deny the request based on availability of space and compliance with policy standards. The approval process requires a minimum of 3 days for review and approval. The approved request will be forwarded to Facilities Services for installation.


  1. All student organizations, university and academic entities are subject to the Banner Policy.
  2. The CDRC reserves the right to coordinate or limit locations and sizes of banners.

Appendix III: Lavin-Bernick Center Posting Policies

Postings must be approved, stamped, dated, and hung by the Information Desk Staff and are limited to two per authorized bulletin board. Postings are not permitted on doors, windows, or the walls of the Center. All postings must be sponsored by a recognized student organization or

University department and the name of the sponsoring organization/department must be printed on the posting. Postings cannot be larger than 14” x 22” and will be limited to two weeks. Permission may be obtained to hang banners in approved spaces from the LBC and will be hung by the Information Desk Staff. Chalking on the walls, patios, porches, bricks, pavers and entryways is not permitted.

Appendix IV: Housing & Residence Life Posting Policies

To view the posting policies for Housing & Residence Life, please click here.

Appendix V: Guidelines for Outside Food Brought on Campus by Student Groups

  1. All groups must notify essential departments of events at least 3 weeks before the event occurs. Essential departments include the Lavin-Bernick Center Reservations & Administration Office, the Office of Health and Environmental Safety, and Dining Services.
  2. No large events catered by outside caterers will be allowed in the LBC, Devlin Field House, Yulman Stadium, or the New Dining Commons. An exception will be made only if Olive Blue Catering has waived the right to cater the event.
  3. All student groups bringing outside food on campus must list all persons who will be handling food for the event, and those persons must submit a copy of the certificate proving they have taken the food safety webinar and passed the quiz provided online by OEHS. Attach all certificates to the OEHS food safety application form when submitting to essential departments for approval.
  4. No student group shall be allowed to sell or give away food to the general population in the LBC, Devlin Field House, Yulman Stadium, or the New Dining Commons if it competes with the food service provided by the University Food Service Contractor. An exception will be granted only if the University Food Service Contractor has waived the right to service the event.
  5. As stated in the Campus Services Posting policy, which was adapted from the Student Programs policy that preceded it, only prepackaged foods not requiring refrigeration may be sold at booths and tables set up for fundraisers.