Guidelines for Outside Food on Campus Brought on Campus by Student Groups

  1. All groups must notify essential departments of events at least 3 weeks before the event occurs. Essential departments include the Lavin-Bernick Center Reservations & Administration Office, the Office of Health & Environmental Safety, and Dining Services
  2. No large events catered by outside caterers will be allowed in the LBC, Avron B. Fogelman Arena in Devlin Fieldhouse, Yulman Stadium, or the Commons. An exception will be made only if Olive Blue catering has waived the right to cater the event.
  3. All student groups bringing outside food on campus must list all persons who will be handling food for the event, and those persons must submit a copy of the certificate proving that they have taken the food safety webinar and passed the quiz provided online by OEHS. Attach all certificates to the OEHS food safety application form when submitting to essential departments for approval. 
  4. No student groups shall be allowed to sell or give away food to the general population in the LBC, Avron B. Fogelman Arena in Devlin Field House, Yulman Stadium, or the Commons if it competes with food service provided by the University Food Service Contractor. An exception will be granted only if the University Food Service Contractor has waived the right to service the event. 
  5. As stated in the Campus Services Posting policy, which was adapted from the Student Programs policy that predated it, only prepackaged food not requiring refrigeration may be sold at booths and tables set up for fundraisers.