Uptown Digital Parking Permits

Parking Services offers fully digital parking permits for the uptown campus, as of Sept. 1, 2022.  

This means you’ll have one less line to wait in when you arrive on campus in the fall. You’ll be able to purchase a permit and update your account online, at your convenience. And you’ll no longer have to keep track of hangtags or paper receipts. 

All parking permits will be monitored by a parking enforcement vehicle equipped with cameras that read license plates. This means permit holders will need to make sure their license plate is visible. We ask that permit holders make sure license plates face the driving lane so that each license plate can smile for the camera. 

What You Need to Know 

  • Even though we’ve gone digital, everyone still needs to purchase a parking permit. 
  • Your license plate must be visible. Please make sure your license plate is not covered and faces the driving lane.  
  • If you drive a motorcycle or scooter, you still need a permit
  • Daily permits are still available at the physical pay stations. You'll just need to add your license plate number. 
  • Assigned Park Mobile spaces will still be available via the Park Mobile app. You'll just need to add your license plate number. 
  • Guests can still park on campus via Park Mobile, daily permits or unexpired scratch-off permits.  
  • Make sure the license plate number you enter is accurate. 
  • Update the license plate number in your account as needed.  

How It Works  

  • Our goal at Parking Services is to make parking on the uptown campus more efficient for everyone. Follow these easy steps to purchase your parking permit: 
  • Create or log into your account. 
    • If you are purchasing a daily permit, click on the visitor page and follow the remaining steps.  
  • Select your permit type. If you do not know what permit type you need, visit the parking permits section in the parking rules
  • Enter your license plate number. 
  • Double check you entered the correct license plate number. 
  • Purchase your permit. 
  • When you arrive on campus, make sure your license plate is visible from the driving lane.  
  • Your license plate will do the rest by acting as your permit. That means you no longer need to keep track of hangtags or paper receipts.  
  • This digital convenience is powered by the parking enforcement vehicle, which is equipped with external cameras that link to the Parking Services computer system to verify whether a vehicle has a valid permit. This includes daily permits purchased online, using the Park Mobile app, or at a physical pay station.   

Tips for Entering License Plate Numbers in the Portal

To ensure the cameras read license plates accurately, please follow these instructions when entering your license plate information:

  • If you have a zero on your license plate that is the letter "O" on your vehicle registration, then enter your vehicle into your account twice: once with the zero and once with the letter "O."
  • If you have a specialized plate, enter your plate exactly as it appears on your license plate and not how it appears on your vehicle registration. For example, a Tulane personalized plate may only show the number (123), but on the vehicle registration it may show TU and the number (TU123). You must enter only the "123" shown on your license plate.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I still have to pay for a parking permit if permits are digital?  
Yes. All permits will have a cost associated with them. 

What if I don’t have a device to purchase a permit online? 
If you do not have a device for purchasing a permit, you can go to the Campus Services office on the uptown campus, located at 107 Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life, which is on McAlister Drive.  

Can I reverse into a parking spot? 
Sometimes. You can reverse into a spot if your license plate faces the driving lane. 

I have a license plate on the front of my vehicle, can I reverse into the parking spot since my license plate will be visible to the monitoring camera? 
Yes. You can reverse into a spot if your license plate faces the driving lane.  

Can I put a cover over my vehicle? 
No. Vehicles parked on campus may not use a cover on their vehicle as this may prevent the parking enforcement cameras from reading the license plate. 

Can I still add multiple vehicles to one permit? 
Yes. However, only one car at a time can be used on campus per permit. 

If I can add multiple vehicles to one permit, can I also add multiple users? 
No. Only the account holder is allowed to use their registered permit.  

What if I am parking a rented vehicle? 
Since Parking Services no longer requires a physical permit to be displayed on the uptown campus, visitors can use their smart phone to purchase a permit once they have the license plate number of the rented vehicle.  

What if I have a scratch-off permit?  
You can use your scratch-off permit until it expires.  

What if I typically buy daily parking passes?  
You can still use an onsite physical pay station, or you can use the online system to purchase a daily permit. 

Can I park anywhere on campus now, including reserved spots? 
No. The same parking rules and regulations apply to digital parking permits. For more information, view the uptown parking rules and regulations.