Rules and Regulations

Please follow this guide to parking rules and regulations on campus to help make your uptown parking experience easier. 

Tulane University recognizes the necessity to access our campuses, and therefore we are committed to providing the highest level of service and ensuring the safest and most efficient use of university parking resources.

While parking on our campus, we ask that you adhere to all parking regulations, including displaying a valid parking permit, starting a parking session in a Park Mobile space, or using the T2 Paystation in the Diboll Garage. Parking regulations are in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Parking permits are required Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., including academic holidays. 

Updated July 2024; effective August 2021.

DAILY PERMITS are ONLY VALID in the Diboll Garage floors two through six, and in the Claiborne Lot. 

Section I: General Parking Information

Anyone parking a motorized vehicle on UNIVERSITY OWNED PROPERTY must register that vehicle with Parking Services by purchasing a parking permit or paying to park in an hourly space. Except for hourly parking spaces, vehicles parked on Tulane University property must display a valid parking permit from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. All vehicles parked in hourly spaces in the Diboll Garage must either pay the T2 Paystation, or the ParkMobile app. on-street hourly parking spaces must use the ParkMobile app, 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Even if your vehicle has a Tulane permit, hourly parking spaces must be purchased through the ParkMobile app, 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The following parking rules and regulations have been enacted by the university for the security and safety of the Tulane community and apply to all persons who operate a motor vehicle on campus property. The parking plan is designed to provide parking spaces as conveniently as possible within the limits of available space. Operating a motor vehicle on the campus is a privilege and is conditioned on compliance with these rules and regulations.

“Campus,” “Campus area,” or “University Property” includes all properties owned or controlled by Tulane University. “Motor vehicles” includes automobiles, trucks, motorcycles and moped or scooter-type vehicles.

Permits are valid from Sept. 1 through Aug. 31 unless otherwise stated on your permit.

Parking permits are not valid for game day parking. Vehicles found on university property on football game days that do not have the appropriate game day permits will be relocated and fined. 

During the summer, annual resident and commuter permit holders storing their vehicles in the Diboll Garage is on the fourth and fifth floors.

Annual cleaning of the garage begins the Monday following Spring Commencement and lasts through the end of July. The fifth floor will always be available for parking. Signs will be placed on other floors and ramps to advise when floors and ramps are closed to parking. Vehicles parked in the garage (stored) over the summer or for an extended period that would hinder cleaning must be parked on the fifth floor. During this time, vehicles parked on floors designated as “no parking” will be towed from the uptown campus at the owner’s expense plus assessed an administrative fee.

The Permit Holder is responsible for all citations issued to the vehicle regardless of the vehicle operator. In addition to fines and fees levied for violations, certain offenses may be additionally directed to the Office of Student Affairs for further disciplinary action. 

Due to the implementation of digital permits, all vehicles must park in a parking space with vehicle license plate facing the driving lane.

University Emergency Closure 

In the event that there is a university emergency, such as an imminent storm threat, only vehicles bearing current uptown Tulane campus annual permits (faculty, staff or student) will be given access to the Diboll Garage. The garage will be placed in “Restricted Mode” to ensure essential personnel have parking spaces reserved and to accommodate as many uptown annual permit holders as possible. Parking in the garage during “Restricted Mode” for uptown annual permit holders is based on space availability. Once the university closes, no one will be allowed entrance into the Diboll Garage except essential personnel even if you have an annual parking permit. Once the emergency is over and the university resumes normal operations, all parking rules and regulations will be in effect.


Any vehicle having two or more unpaid citations totaling $50 or more will be subject to immobilization if the citations remain unpaid after 10 working days. Vehicles placed on the immobilization list are subject to be immobilized 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even if legally parked at the time of immobilization. Vehicles immobilized will incur a $25 per day citation for every day they remain on campus immobilized. The fact that a citation is not issued at the time a vehicle is illegally parked does not mean, or imply, that the regulation or law is no longer in effect. 

Purchasing a faculty, staff, or student annual permit when registering the vehicle, or paying current outstanding citations removes the vehicle from the immobilization list. Outstanding citations are required to be paid in full prior to removal of an immobilization device and removal of a vehicle from the immobilization list. Subsequent multiple violations will again make the vehicle eligible to be immobilized.

Unauthorized removal, tampering with, or damaging an immobilization device will result in fines and a fee appropriate to the amount of damage caused to the device. This act will be reported to the Tulane University Police Department (TUPD) and Student Affairs, if applicable.

The University is not responsible for theft or vandalism and always encourages owners/operators to lock their vehicles while parked on campus.


Any motor vehicle that has remained on university property three days or more without a valid parking permit is considered abandoned. Tulane University Parking Services's Unauthorized/Abandoned Vehicle Policy will be followed when removing abandoned vehicles. Vehicles parked on university property but found to hinder the performance/function of the university may be towed immediately at the owner’s expense. Additionally, vehicles which remain immobilized after 48 hours may be relocated at the owner’s expense.

Speed Limits

The campus speed limit is 15 miles per hour at all hours unless otherwise stated, such as in the Claiborne Lot where it is 9 mph and the Diboll Garage where it is 5 mph.

Section II: Parking Permits


First-Year Student Residents Are Not Allowed to Register Their Vehicles and Cannot Utilize Campus Parking Areas.

Commuting Permits (C Permits)

Commuting permits are available to all commuting students. Vehicles with C permits are restricted to parking in red and yellow zones between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. After 3 p.m., vehicles with C permits are permitted to park in all zones (for exceptions, see section III). 

Resident Permits (R Permits)

Resident permits are available to all residential students who have achieved at least second-year status. Vehicles with R permits are restricted to parking in the yellow zones between (includes fourth floor and above in the Diboll Garage only) 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. After 3 p.m., R permits are permitted to park in all areas (for exceptions, see table). 

Special Permits (SP Permits)

Special permits are available to all students and Reily Center members who need access to campus Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.  and after 3 p.m. Parking from 8 a.m.  to 11 a.m. is valid only in the Diboll Garage. Parking after 3 p.m.  is valid in all zones (for exceptions, see table). SP permitted vehicles on campus between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Friday must park at and pay for an hourly parking space or purchase a daily Guest Permit. 

Faculty Permits (F Permits)

Faculty permits are issued for persons who are classified as FACULTY and Tulane Executive Officers. Emeritus Faculty (no charge) will be issued an F permit. Permit color: royal blue.

Staff Permits (E Permits)

Staff permits are issued to persons who are staff members and sub-contract employees (food service, travel agency, bookstore, bank employees and temporary employees). Vehicles with “E” permits are restricted from parking in blue zones until after 3 p.m. except Newcomb Circle. Permit color: forest green.

Handicap Parking with a Tulane Permit

Faculty, staff, students, vendors, and visitors with a valid Tulane parking permit and a state-issued ADA license plate or placard may park in a ADA parking space or a legal space close to their campus building.  Permits are not valid in reserved spaces or meter/ParkMobile spaces. 

Medical Need Permits (MNP Permits)

Medical Need permits may be issued to students, faculty, or staff members who suffer a short-term disability which limits or impairs their ability to walk. Parking Services has partnered with Goldman Center for Student Accessibility to support faculty, staff, and students with a medical need to park close to campus buildings (rather than just areas their parking permit is valid) when they do not have a state-issued ADA license plate or placard. Medical Need permits are issued for mobility needs that will last less than three months, with one 3-month extension available with follow-up and approval through Goldman Center for Student Accessibility. These permits do not allow parking in ADA, reserved, or hourly parking spaces. 

If approved for a Medical Need Permit, those who do not already have an annual parking permit must pay for daily parking, $5/day.  

Motorcycle Permits (MC Permits)

Motorcycle permits are required for any two- or three-wheel vehicle which has a motor or engine to propel it. These permits may be parked only in posted motorcycle parking spaces, which are located in various zones of the campus. Motor vehicles inclusive of motorcycles, motorbikes, motor scooters, and others with internal combustion engines are not permitted inside buildings and may not be parked on any pedestrian walkway or sidewalk or at bike racks. 

Vendor/Contractor Permits (V Permits)

Vendor/Contractor permits are issued to outside agents who conduct business on the Tulane uptown campus on a periodic basis. Vendors must work with their Tulane contact to purchase annual parking permits. The Tulane contact must submit a request to Parking Services for no more than two Vendor A or two Vendor B permits for each vendor. This request must include name of company, company contact, company phone numbers, number of permits, location work is performed, and reason vendor permits are needed. Any requests for Vendor A or Vendor B permits that exceed two permits must be submitted to the Parking Services at Vendor A permits are valid in all zones and Vendor B permits are only valid in the Claiborne Lot. 

Alumni Permits (ALU Permits)

Alumni of the university who are NOT current faculty, staff or students may obtain a permit from the Campus Services office in the LBC. This permit will authorize parking in all areas of the campus, except where signs prohibit parking, such as RESERVED ALL HOURS spaces, fire lanes, handicapped spaces, and controlled access areas. Alums do not have access to fixed shuttle lines.

Reserved All Hours Permits (RAH Permits)

Reserved All Hours permit requests should be submitted to

Tulane House Permits (TH Permits)

Some Tulane-owned perimeter buildings have driveways where vehicles must park behind one another.  Therefore, only someone working in that building is eligible to purchase a permit for the building’s driveway.  Should an employee need to leave who has a vehicle parked behind them, they will know who to ask to move their vehicle.  Parking Services will only sell permits for the number of spaces determined to be available in the driveway (pre-determined by Parking Services).  Staff eligible to purchase a permit will be determined by the perimeter buildings delegate. 

Tulane House Permit requests should be submitted to

Entry onto Law Road weekdays between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. shall be by card access. Access to the parking area behind Reily Student Recreation Center shall be by card access 24 hours a day seven days a week.  

Parking in these zones with these permit types does not allow parking in reserved all hours and hourly parking spaces. 

Permit TypeAuthorized Zone
Faculty (F), Alumni (ALU), Vendor A (VA), and and Medical Needs (MNP)All Zones
Vendor B (VB)Claiborne Lot
Motorcycles (MC)All Zones in Spaces Specifically Marked for Motorcycles
Staff (E)All Green, Red and Yellow Zones 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Blue Zones After 3 p.m. Except Newcomb Circle. Oak Lot is not available until 5:30 p.m.
Resident Student (R)Yellow Zones 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. (includes fourth floor and above in the Diboll Garage only); Red, Blue and Green After 3 p.m. Except Cowen Circle and Newcomb Circle. Oak Lot is not available until 5:30 p.m.
Commuter Student (C)Yellow And Red Zones 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Blue and Green After 3 p.m. Except Cowen Circle and Newcomb Circle. Oak Lot is not available until 5:30 p.m. 

Section III: Registration Process

A single parking permit will be issued to an individual according to their job classification or status as a student, alumnus or guest. Use of the permit is restricted to the registered individual.

  • All persons requesting a parking permit must present the appropriate documentation at the time of registration.
  • Faculty, Staff: validation online using the Splash Card ID #
  • Students: valid Tulane Splash Card
  • Alumni (other than current faculty, staff, or students): Tulane Alumnus ID
  • Vendors and Contractors: Completed application/request form approved by the designated sponsors in facilities services or capital projects

Parking permits may be purchased online at or in the Campus Services office, located in the Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life (LBC) Room 107.

Questions regarding interpretation or clarification of the parking rules should be directed here as well. Faculty and staff permits ordered online must be picked up from the Campus Services office.

Section IV: Visitor & Hourly Parking

Visitors to the university may park in designated visitor parking areas and must pay the hourly or daily rate. Visitors must use the ParkMobile app or T2 Paystation to pay for parking.

Hourly parking is available in the Diboll Garage and on certain streets within the campus area. All hourly parking must be paid through the ParkMobile app or T2 Paystation.

Visitor permits are available for purchase at Parking Services and are valid for specific dates. Visitors must display the visitor permit on their vehicle dashboard.

Section V: Violations and Penalties

All appropriate Louisiana criminal laws, motor vehicle laws, New Orleans City Traffic Ordinances and Tulane University regulations are in effect on Tulane property. Careful adherence to all regulations is required to protect pedestrians and vehicles and to provide access for emergency vehicles. Jurisdiction to enforce these regulations is vested with the Tulane University Police and Parking Services Departments and the employees thereof.

All contractors/vendors, outside agents, sales representatives, service technicians, etc., are required to purchase parking permits. In addition, the Senate Committee on Physical Facilities has determined that these persons are responsible for paying any fines/fees incurred against their vehicles. If payment, after notification, is not received within the prescribed time, vehicles are subject to immobilization and all fees must be paid before the vehicle will be released. Outstanding traffic citations will be billed to parent company.

All driveways leading to residence halls, administrative, and academic buildings, are designated as Emergency Fire Lanes and therefore parking is prohibited at all times except where parking is designated by appropriate lines, signs, or TULANE UNIVERSITY POLICE OR PARKING SERVICES DEPARTMENT personnel.

The use of skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, unicycles and all bicycles are forbidden as a means of transportation on any of the garage surfaces, ramps, walkways, elevators, benches, etc. (Exception: Tulane Police bicycle patrols will be permitted in all areas.)

Category One Fines

Parking on campus without a current parking permit is: $40 fine per day. The first violation only for “Parking on campus without a current parking permit” may be waived if a parking permit is acquired within five working days of the citation. Daily permits are excluded.

Fraudulent registration of a motor vehicle:  $1,000 fine. Among others, the following practices are fraudulent: The registration of a vehicle by any student for the purpose of obtaining the permit for themselves or for another person who is not eligible for the privilege it grants. Unauthorized duplication of any permit, alteration of date or class permit designation also constitutes fraudulent usage.

Parking too far from curb/bumper: $20 fine. All vehicles parking parallel to a curbing must not park more than 18 inches from that curbing. Vehicles parked in a perpendicular space shall have front or rear wheels within six (6) inches of a curbing or parking bumper.

Pickup trucks, SUVs and full-size vans may not park on ramps of the Diboll Garage. 

Failure to obey a Parking Services staff member: $75 fine and possible suspension of campus parking privileges for one semester.

Parking in a place marked “RESERVED ALL HOURS,” or “RESERVED FOR HANDICAP PERMITS,” handicapped spaces, “RESERVED FOR PHYSICAL PLANT VEHICLES,” blocking/parking in a fire lane, driveway or next to a fire hydrant: $100 fine.

Vehicles without annual permits parked in the garage during storm alert: $100 fine per day.

Parking in an area not designated for parking (loading zone, lawn, sidewalk, “NO STOPPING,” or “NO PARKING” zones as indicated by signs or markings): $30 fine. 

Parking out of zone: $40 fine. Possession, removal, or damage to traffic signs, access control gate arm, speed bumps, traffic markings or immobilization devices: $75 fine plus the cost of the damaged item.

Riding a skateboard, roller skates, roller blades, unicycles or a bicycle within the parking garage surfaces, ramps, walkways, elevators, benches, etc. is forbidden at all times. (Exception: police bicycle patrols shall be permitted in these areas.): $150 fine.

Tulane-sanctioned vehicles, without permit and unattended on campus in a space other than the assigned reserved space: $30 fine.

Failure to move vehicle for home games: $40 fine. 

Failure to park with license plate facing driving lane: $40 fine.

Multiple vehicles parked on campus at same time using one valid parking permit: $60 fine.

Category Two Fines

Failure to properly display parking permit: $10 fine.

License plate not visible due to cover, dirt, etc: $10 fine

A two-wheeled motor vehicle occupying an automobile space, and vice-versa: $20 fine.

Diagonal parking in a parallel space, perpendicular space, or vice-versa: $20 fine. Parking across lines of a designated parking space: $20 fine. 

Unauthorized possession/use of an access card or transferable parking permit, and fraudulent duplication: $1,000 fine.

All other violations, including State of Louisiana and/or City of New Orleans traffic regulations not enumerated herein: $30 fine.

Category Three Fines

Blocking crosswalks, dumpsters, or vehicle traffic: $25 fine.

Parking against traffic on a one-way street or reversing into an angled parking space is a $30 fine.

Disregarding or moving a police barricade: $75 fine. 

Category Four Fines

Any vehicle which has two or more unpaid citations (totaling $50 or more) will be subject to immobilization if the citations remain unpaid after 10 working days. Immobilization of vehicles will be by the Tulane University Police or Parking Services Departments, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An administrative fee of $100 will be collected before the vehicle may be released. Vehicles still immobilized after a period of 48 hours may be towed by a private towing company at the owner’s expense. This is in addition to the fines already imposed.

Vehicles will remain subject to immobilization and/or towing until the delinquent citations are paid. Payment of outstanding citations will remove a vehicle from the immobilization list. Tulane affiliates may elect to receive an immobilization citation in lieu of the fee to release the immobilization device.

Daily rate for immobilized vehicle: $25 fine. 

Any unauthorized vehicle parking in a space marked “reserved all hours,” “reserved for handicapped,” “reserved for delivery/service vehicles,” or blocking a fire lane or fire hydrant will be immobilized and/or towed by the Tulane University Police Department or parking services. An administrative fee of $100 will be assessed in addition to the towing fee of the private towing company.

For continued disregard of the rules and regulations and at the discretion of the Tulane University Parking Director, on-campus parking privileges may be suspended for a period of up to one semester or permanently revoked.

Vehicles which cannot be identified by visible license plate or VIN may be immobilized for identification and will be released upon presentation of proper identification at Campus Services office or Tulane University Police Department.

Any unauthorized vehicle parked on campus after Game Day Parking restrictions become effective shall be towed. An administrative fee of $100 will be assessed in addition to the towing fee of the private towing company and any other fees for related violations.

Category Five Fines

Failure to pay hourly parking, including expired hourly parking: At all hourly spaces $10 for each 30 minutes parked at an hourly space which is expired.

After two hours of continuous violation (four citations issued) at any hourly parking space, the vehicle may be immobilized. All vehicles which have four or more outstanding unpaid meter violations will be subject to immobilization 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An administrative fee of $100 will be charged for release of the vehicle.

Category Six Fines: Other

Tampering with an Immobilization device: $600 fine and the cost of the damaged device.

Section VI: Responsible Parties

The University Senate Committee of Physical Facilities is responsible for advising the Senior Vice-President of Operations and the Chief Financial Officer regarding the promulgation and/or revision of the Rules and Regulations contained herein.