Housing Quad Redevelopment- Week of January 21, 2022

Associated Project

Sources of Noise

  • Power tools
  • Chipping Hammer
  • Trucks 
  • Machines

Utility Shutdowns w/ excavation to begin:

  • Water:  
  • Power: 
  • Chilled 


  • N/A

Road Closures/Blockages

  • N/A

Approved Extended Work Hours

  • N/A

Events for upcoming week

  • Framing interior walls 6th floors
  • Wall Deliveries Daily
  • Installing roof
  • Installing Brick on west side of building
  • Installing windows
  • Installing Steam lines on North side 
  • Plumbing rough in on 5th and 6th floors
  • Delivery of roofing materials

Recap of week ending January 22, 2022

  • Delivery of roofing materials
  • Steel deliveries
  • Plumbing rough in on 4th and 5th floor
  • Electrical rough in on 4th and 5th floors
  • Daily wall deliveries
  • Installing Brick at west side of building