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Residence Hall Recycling

Residence halls have a recycling station outside the dorm, or a recycling and garbage room on every floor. Use your room’s recycling bin or your own bag/box to collect recyclables, then bring them to your dorm’s recycling room or station.

Please sort your recyclables into the right container:

  • Paper: All paper accepted, including color paper, newspaper, magazines, envelopes and folders. No bound books or food containers.
  • Plastic bottles & aluminum cans: Only plastic bottles (#1 and #2) are accepted. Please remember to clean out all recyclable materials before depositing them. No plastic bags.
  • Cardboard boxes: Remove all non-recyclable trash, plastic, and Styrofoam packing, and place next to the outdoor recycling station or in the recycling room.
  • No Glass! We are unable to accept glass at this time.

At the end of the year, donation stations and recycling will be available for household items, clothing, non-perishable food, books and Mardi Gras beads.