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Tulane Campus Services will remain in restricted operations mode until further notice. We have limited staff, services, and hours at this time. For more information on modifications to our services, click here.

Residence Hall Recycling

Residence halls have a recycling station outside the dorm, or a recycling and garbage room on every floor. Use your room’s recycling bin or your own bag/box to collect recyclables, then bring them to your dorm’s recycling room or station.

Please sort your recyclables into the right container:

  • Paper: All paper accepted, including color paper, newspaper, magazines, envelopes and folders. No bound books or food containers.
  • Plastic bottles & aluminum cans: Only plastic bottles (#1 and #2) are accepted. Please remember to clean out all recyclable materials before depositing them. No plastic bags.
  • Cardboard boxes: Remove all non-recyclable trash, plastic, and Styrofoam packing, and place next to the outdoor recycling station or in the recycling room.
  • No Glass! We are unable to accept glass at this time.

On the Downtown campus, Deming residents should use the toters located outside the back entrance. All paper, cardboard, plastic, and metal cans can be placed into the same container. No glass or plastic bags, please!

At the end of the year, donation stations and recycling will be available for household items, clothing, non-perishable food, books and Mardi Gras beads.