Downtown Campus

Single stream recycling is available in the Health Sciences Center buildings (exception 1555 Poydras, where Custodial Services are not provided by Tulane University.) All paper, plastic bottles, metal and aluminum cans, and paperboard (i.e. cereal boxes) can be placed together in recycling bins. No glass, please! Individuals must bring their recyclables to the larger bins in shared and public spaces, such as classrooms, copy rooms, and break rooms. There is no desk side service provided.  Cardboard boxes should be emptied of packing materials, flattened, and set in hallways for pickup.

Custodians empty recycling bins in shared and public spaces, and bring the recyclables to 95 gallon collection toters. These toters are located near service elevators in most downtown campus buildings. The toters are taken outside once a week for an early morning pick up.

For information on recycling in 1555 Poydras, visit the “Tenant’s Corner Files” of this 1515/1555 Poydras webpage.

To request a large recycling container for office moves or clean-outs with a lot of recyclable waste, or to request portable recycling bins and 55 gallon trash cans for special events contact Elex Hosley, Superintendent, Custodial Services at 988.7954 or (For events that will need custodial services, please submit a work ticket.)

To request a recycling bin for your office or suggest a high traffic location for a recycling bin, email