RMH - Week of September 15, 2023

Sources of Noise

  • Heavy machinery operations.
  • Vehicles operations.
  • Dumpster activities.

Utility Shutdowns

  • None at this time


  • Dumpsters
  • Steel 
  • Roofing supplies
  • Concrete forming/ pumping materials and equipment
  • Fireproofing materials
  • Refurbished windows

Events for upcoming week

  • Continue South steel welding, nelson bolt installation, decking, thimble, and hanger install. UT weld inspections as needed.
  • Continue flat roof work, continue ridge cap installation where available, continue installing ice shield and demo of slate on West roof.
  • Continue New addition Steel fireproofing.
  • General site cleanup/ safety improvements.
  • Continue Masonry pressure washing/ tuck pointing.
  • Begin East Dormer repairs 4th floor.
  • Continue electrical flex (lighting circuits) installation on interior floors.
  • Demo interior wall opening where required.

Recap of week ending September 10, 2023

  • Continue SW steel erection, decking, welding, safety improvements.
  • Continue Flat roof work/ begin West slate demo.
  • Form/ pour/ breakdown North addition curbing, Mechanical room pads, and interior slab drain areas.
  • Test Nelson bolts as needed.
  • Begin installing studs/ clips in North addition
  • Continue pressure washing exterior brick/ begin tuck point activities SW. 
  • Continue installing electrical lighting circuits.
  • Continue installing MEP hangers on building interior.
  • Continue Fire proofing activities.