Richardson Memorial - Week of September 1, 2023

Sources of Noise

  • Heavy machinery operations.
  • Vehicles operations.
  • Dumpster activities.

Utility Shutdowns

  • None at this time


  • Dumpsters
  • Steel 
  • Roofing supplies
  • Concrete forming/ pumping materials and equipment
  • Concrete/ grout

Events for upcoming week

  • Move fence back out to drains.
  • Continue slate roof/ flashing installation on NW sections.
  • Continue lightning protection install NW roof.
  • Continue South steel welding. UT weld inspections as required.
  • Continue install MEP thimbles on North decking. 
  • General site cleanup/ safety improvements.
  • South addition decking/ nelson bolt/ rebar installation. 
  • Continue North Dormer shoring.
  • Layout and install wall stud anchor points in new addition.
  • Prepare North addition and begin East curbing forms for concrete.
  • Pour North addition floors.
  • Concrete/ Nelson bolt testing as needed.

Recap of week ending August 13, 2023

  • Inspect welds on North steel as available.
  • Continue NW slate/ flashing installation.
  • Relocate THE manhole away from North entry.
  • Begin South steel decking, nelson bolt installation, and continue welding.
  • Begin demo of old elevator exterior trim/ framing. Leave interior in place.
  • Continue MEP thimble marking and installation for deck penetrations.
  • Continue erecting South Steel. Receive steel shipment.
  • Continue NW flashing/ lighting protection installation.
  • Begin Drywall layouts and anchor installations.