Rules & Regulations

Please follow this guide to parking rules and regulations on campus to help make your downtown parking experience easier. 

Downtown Parking Tips

  1. All Garages Require Access Cards. Most garages accept Tulane University issued Splash Cards, but some garages require a third party access card. Parking permits are still required to be visible in parked vehicles. 
  2. Parking Permits are Required. Permits can be purchased in person at the Tidewater Building or online. If you choose the online feature, please note that you will need to complete the process in person.
  3. Designated Visitor Parking is Limited. Visitors can park in nearby lots and garages or may choose paid street parking. Some areas require notice at least three business days in advance of parking.
  4. Most Downtown Permits Also Work at the Uptown Campus. Call Campus Services at the uptown campus to make sure your downtown permit is also valid for uptown parking. 504-865-5441.
  5. Ride Share Programs are Available. Faculty and staff can sign up for this program and share a permit, one per approved carpooling group.

Tulane University recognizes the necessity to access our campuses, and therefore we are committed to providing the highest level of service and ensuring the safest and most efficient use of university parking resources. While parking in the garages, we ask that you adhere to all parking regulations, including displaying a valid parking sticker. Parking regulations are in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have any parking related questions, please email

Downtown Parking Rules and Regulations

Updated July 2021; effective Aug. 2021.

Section I: General Parking Information

Anyone parking a motorized vehicle on UNIVERSITY OWNED PROPERTY or in an affiliated parking facility must register their vehicle with Parking Services by purchasing a parking permit. This is done by filing an application with Parking Services. The permit process must be completed in person at the Campus Services office located at 1440 Canal Street, Tidewater Building, Suite 803. Applicants are required to present a vehicle registration form for verification prior to the issuance of any permit. Parking permit contracts are not authorized for less than one month and monthly charges may vary depending on assigned location.

The following traffic rules and regulations have been enacted by the university for the security and safety of the Tulane community and apply to all persons who operate a motor vehicle on campus property. The parking plan is designed to provide parking spaces as conveniently as possible within the limits of available space. Parking a motor vehicle in the downtown garages is a privilege and is conditioned on compliance with these rules and regulations. 

“Campus,” “Campus area,” or University Property” includes all properties owned or controlled by Tulane University. “Motor vehicles” includes automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, moped and scooter-type vehicles.

Permits are valid from the date of issuance until canceled.

Parking contracts are assigned in several parking facilities in the downtown campus vicinity. Some facilities are owned by Tulane University while others are owned/operated by commercial firms which have negotiated with the university. If a contract is assigned to a commercial facility, the contract holder must abide by applicable university parking regulations as well as specific regulations of the facility. Failure to do so may result in the loss of parking privileges. Contract holders assigned to one facility but found parking in another will be cited for violation and fined accordingly.

The Permit Holder is responsible for all citations issued to the vehicle regardless of the vehicle operator. In addition to fines and fees levied for violations, certain offenses may be additionally directed to the department the staff member works in and, if a student, to the Office of Student Affairs for further disciplinary action. Any vehicle having two or more unpaid citations totaling $50 or more will be subject to immobilization, if the citations remain unpaid after 10 working days. Vehicles placed on the immobilization list are subject to be immobilized 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even if legally parked at the time of immobilization.

The fact that a citation is not issued at the time a vehicle is illegally parked does not mean, or imply, that the regulation or law is no longer in effect. 

Purchasing a permit when registering the vehicle, or paying current outstanding citations removes the vehicle from the immobilization list. Outstanding citations are required to be paid in full prior to removal of an immobilization device and removal of a vehicle from the immobilization list. Subsequent multiple violations will again make the vehicle eligible to be immobilized.

Unauthorized removal, tampering with, or damaging an immobilization device will result in fines and a fee appropriate to the amount of damage caused to the device. 

The university is not responsible for theft or vandalism and encourages owners/operators to lock their vehicles at all times while parked in garages. Contract holders are urged to exercise caution when walking to or from vehicles, and to report any suspicious activity immediately. Upon request, Tulane University Police Department will provide an officer to escort contract holders to their vehicles after regular working hours.

Any motor vehicle that has remained on university property five days or more without a valid parking permit is considered abandoned. Tulane University Police Department’s Unauthorized/Abandoned Vehicle Policy will be followed when removing abandoned vehicles. Vehicles parked on university property but found to hinder the performance/function of the university may be towed at the owner’s expense. In addition, vehicles which remain immobilized after 48 hours may be relocated at the owner’s expense.

Purchasing a monthly parking contract does not entitle anyone to store a vehicle in any downtown garage for any reason. Parking Services has the authority to remove a vehicle at the owner’s expense. Contracts are intended for daily use by employees and students on the downtown Campus.

This policy may be changed for weather related events by an email sent to all contract holders at that time outlining instructions. 

Section II: Monthly Contract Procedure

Monthly Contracts

A single parking permit will be issued to an individual according to his/her job classification or status as a student. Use of the permit is restricted to the registered individual.

All persons requesting a parking permit must present the appropriate documentation at the time of registration.

  • Faculty, Staff: validation online using a Splash Card ID #
  • Students: valid Tulane Splash Card

Parking permits may be purchased in the Campus Services office located at 1440 Canal Street, Tidewater Building, Suite 803. Applicants are required to present a vehicle registration form for verification prior to the issuance of any permit. Parking permits (contracts) are not authorized for less than one month and monthly charges may vary depending on assigned location. Questions regarding interpretation or clarification of the parking rules should be directed to the Campus Services office as well. 

A parking permit will be assigned to each vehicle authorized to use a designated parking facility. These permits must be affixed and displayed on the lower driver’s side of the rear windshield. Persons holding a contract, but not displaying the permit as indicated will be cited for violation of regulations and fined accordingly. Commercial facilities may require the display of an additional I.D. tag issued by them.

Duplicate parking permits or temporary permits may be issued to persons who own more than one vehicle provided it is understood that only one vehicle may be present on UNIVERSITY OWNED PROPERTY or affiliated facility at any one time. Violation of this regulation will result in the assessment of a fine and possible cancellation of the contract.

Payment method varies depending on type of Tulane University appointment. When the payment method is to Parking Services by cash, payment is due by the first working day of the month. No invoice will be provided by Tulane. If payment is not received by the last day of the previous month, a delinquent fee will be charged. The access card will be deactivated until full payment is received.

Contract holders will continue to be responsible for parking charges until such time as a cancellation notice is filed with Parking Services and access cards are returned, if applicable. This also pertains to a scenario involving separation with the university. Contracts will not be canceled retroactively. In the event Parking Services cancels a contract for nonpayment, prorated charges will be transferred to the individual’s account with the university, if applicable. If reinstatement of contract is later requested, no priority consideration will be granted by Parking Services.

Uptown Campus Parking

When visiting the Uptown Campus on university business, your Parking Services identification tag may be honored for parking in certain areas, depending on permit classification and type of contract. Restrictions apply. For details on where you can park on the Uptown Campus, call the Campus Services office at 504-865-5441. It is a violation of regulations for the spouse or children of a contract holder to park on the Uptown Campus through the use of duplicate or temporary I.D. tags issued by Parking Services. These persons should purchase an identification tag from the uptown Campus Services office or online at

Ride Share Program 

Faculty and Staff members with a valid downtown parking contract in a Tulane-owned garage who would like to participate in a Ride Share Program with another faculty or staff member may submit a request to Parking Services. Only one additional driver may be added to a parking contract. The primary contract holder must complete and submit the Downtown Parking Ride Share Form. Parking Services will review the request and email the primary contract holder with their decision. All vehicles must be appropriately registered. A parking decal will be provided for vehicles added due to Ride Share. It is understood that only one vehicle affiliated with the parking contract may be present on any of Tulane’s campuses at one time. Violation of this regulation will result in the assessment of a fine and possible cancellation of the contract. Only one garage access card will be issued to the primary contract holder. Please note that Tulane Parking Services will not split parking contract payments between ride share participants.

Garage Access Cards

For Tulane owned garages, the contract holders Splash Card is activated for the garage the contract is for. For 3rd party garages, access cards are issued. Card access to the garage does not replace the need for displaying a parking permit. Persons having access to a garage with their Splash Card but not displaying the affixed parking permit on the lower driver’s side of the rear windshield will be cited for violation of Parking Regulations and fined accordingly.

Splash Card and garage access cards are not transferrable.

Third party garage access cards should not be subjected to heat or sunlight and should be placed in wallets if carried in back pocket of trousers. It is suggested that cards be placed in the glove compartment of the vehicle. Damaged third-party garage access cards and Splash Cards and those reported lost or stolen will be replaced for a charge. The reported lost or stolen access card will be deactivated immediately.

Third-party garage access cards must be returned to the Campus Services office upon resignation or departure from the university. A cancellation notice must be completed for all garages, to avoid continued charges. Contract holders who choose to cancel while away temporarily (illness, vacations, leave of absence) cannot be guaranteed an immediate contract or the same garage upon return. Contract charges will continue until the online cancellation form is completed or written cancellation is filed. If a cancellation is filed and reinstatement is requested later, Parking Services will not grant priority consideration to such request. 

Those contract holders parking in a Tulane-owned garage must use their Splash Card to enter and/or exit the garage. Use of the intercom system to enter and/or exit the garage is meant to be used only if your Splash Card is lost or not working and needs to be replaced or the rare occasion when an employee may forget to bring their Splash Card. Lost or damaged Splash Cards must be replaced immediately. A $30 replacement fee will be assessed at the time you receive a new Splash Card. Continued use of the intercom system to enter and/or exit the garage, may result in suspension, and possible termination, of parking privileges.

Splash cards and third-party garage access cards will not operate entrance or exit mechanisms for the following reasons:

  1. The card may be defective or damaged.
  2. The card has been deactivated by Parking Services. Examples are nonpayment, cards reported as lost or stolen, or outstanding parking violations.
  3. The card has already been used to gain entrance. Meaning, if a vehicle in front of you experiences difficulty gaining entrance, do not provide your card to allow entrance. If you do, your card will not properly activate the gate mechanism and you will not be able to gain entrance to the garage. Doing so may lead to the loss of parking privileges.
  4. When an access card malfunctions, and no attendant is present, request assistance from Campus Services or security by use of intercoms installed adjacent to card readers. Under no circumstances should the gate mechanism be damaged such as driving through the area while the gate is in the down position. Doing so will result in the contract holder paying for all damages and possible loss of parking privileges.
Section III: Medical Resident Parking

Medical residents who would like a parking contract through Tulane University must complete a parking application. Medical residents will be assigned a primary garage location based on the Department assigned by the Office of Graduate Medical Education and on-call access to the LaSalle Garage. Parking privileges will be granted in a primary garage, if medical residents are assigned to Tulane Medical Center (TMC), Veterans Administration of New Orleans (VANO) or University Medical Center New Orleans (UMCNO) only. This information is provided to the Parking Office by GME on a monthly basis. Any medical resident who rotates away from TMC, VANO or UMC WILL NOT have access to their primary location.

Each medical resident will be issued an “on-call” card for the LaSalle Parking Garage. This card provides access to the garage between the hours of 5 p.m. to 8 a.m., seven days a week. There are no exceptions to these access times. Parking outside of these hours will result in additional parking charges, which will be paid by the medical resident. All cardholders must park on levels five and above only. Parking on lower levels may result in parking fines and/or parking boots.

A card deposit may be required for a primary parking garage and is required for on-call parking in the LaSalle Parking Garage. The card deposit is refundable when the card is returned undamaged. Any lost, stole, or damaged cards will be charged an additional card deposit.

All access cards must be returned to the Campus Services office upon completion of the residency program. 

Section IV: After Hours Student Parking

After hours parking is available during the following times at the following locations. 

Tidewater (1440 Canal Street) 

Monday through Friday: 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Saturday: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sunday: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Hutchinson (1430 Tulane Avenue)

Monday through Friday: 5 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Saturday: 24 hours

Sunday: 24 hours

Murphy (131 S. Robertson Street)

Monday through Friday: 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Saturday: 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Sunday: 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Complete an application at

All vehicles must be properly registered. Privileges may be revoked if vehicles are parked in the garages outside of these authorized times. Reserved all-hours spaces are reserved 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A vehicle may be cited and/or towed due to parking in a reserved space. These contracts are not authorized to park on the university’s uptown campus or in any other Tulane facility. Entry into garage before the posted After Hours Student hours by pulling a ticket and using the After Hours Student card to exit is against policy and could result in After Hours Student parking privileges.


Splash Cards CANNOT be transferred to others under ANY circumstances.

Section V: Visitor Parking

Tidewater Visitor Parking

Departments that have guests visit their offices on the downtown campus can direct them to park in nearby flat lots, paid street parking, and other parking garages.

Special Guest Parking: Limited parking spaces in the Tidewater Garage may be requested only for guests of the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine dean’s office and departmental guests with mobility issues or the occasional distinguished visitor. Departments/units hosting events with external participants will need to direct those individuals to park in surrounding parking lots/garages. Departments requesting special guest parking will be required to complete and submit the Tidewater guest parking form at least three business days in advance of the guest’s arrival. 

Visitors can park in various third-party parking structures and surface lots located near the Tidewater Building. Please follow third-party rules for payment and parking policies.

Murphy Visitor Parking

Special Guest Parking: Limited parking spaces in the Murphy Garage may be requested only for guests of the School of Medicine Dean’s Office and departmental guests with mobility issues or the occasional distinguished visitor. Departments/units hosting events with external participants will need to direct those individuals to park in surrounding parking lots/garages. Departments requesting special guest parking will be required to submit an email to at least three business days in advance of the guest’s arrival.

Visitors can park in various third-party parking structures and surface lots located near the Murphy Building. Please follow third-party rules for payment and parking policies.

Section VI: Violations and Penalties

Category One Fines

  • Parking on campus without a current parking permit is: $40 per day.
  • The first violation only for “Parking on campus without a current parking permit” may be waived if a parking permit is acquired within five working days of the citation. 
  • Fraudulent registration of a motor vehicle: $1,000 Fine. Among others, the following practices are fraudulent: unauthorized duplication of any permit, alteration of date or class permit designation also constitutes fraudulent usage.
  • Parking too far from building/bumper: $20 fine. 
  • Parking in a place marked “RESERVED ALL HOURS” or “RESERVED FOR HANDICAP PERMITS,” handicapped spaces, “RESERVED FOR PHYSICAL PLANT VEHICLES,” blocking/parking in a fire lane, or driveway: $100.00 fine. Vehicles without annual permits parked in the garage during storm alert: $100 fine per day.
  • Parking in an area not designated for parking (“LOADING ZONE,” “NO STOPPING” or “NO PARKING” zones as indicated by signs or markings): $30 fine.
  • Parking out of zone: $40 fine.
  • Parking in garage not assigned to contract holder.
  • Possession, removal, or damage to traffic signs, access control gate arm, speed bumps, traffic markings or immobilization devices: $75 Fine and the cost of the damaged item.
  • Riding a skateboard, roller skates, roller blades, unicycles or a bicycle within the parking garage surfaces, ramps, walkways, elevators, etc. is forbidden at all times. (Exception: Police bicycle patrols shall be permitted in these areas.): $150 fine.

Category Two Fines

  • Failure to properly display parking permit: $10 fine.
  • A two-wheeled motor vehicle occupying an automobile space, two-wheeled vehicles not allowed in Tulane owned garage on the downtown campus: $20 fine.
  • Diagonal parking in a parallel space, perpendicular space, or vice-versa: $20 fine.
  • Parking across lines of a designated parking space: $20 fine.
  • Unauthorized possession/use of an access card or transferable parking permit, and fraudulent duplication: $1,000 fine.
  • Inactive
  • Disregarding or moving a barricade/cones: $75 fine. 

If it is determined that an individual has tampered with or damaged a garage facility entrance or exit mechanism or driven through such area while gate mechanism is in the “down” position, the contract holder will be responsible for paying all damages and a report will be filed with the Tulane University Police Department. 

Category Four: Immobilization and Administrative Fees

  • Any vehicle which has two or more unpaid citations (totaling $50 or more) will be subject to immobilization if the citations remain unpaid after 10 working days. Immobilization of vehicles will be by the Tulane University Police or Parking Services Departments, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An administrative fee of $100 will be collected before the vehicle may be released. Vehicles still immobilized after a period of 48 hours may be towed by a private towing company at the owner’s expense. This is in addition to the fines already imposed.

VEHICLES WILL REMAIN SUBJECT TO IMMOBILIZATION AND/OR TOWING UNTIL THE DELINQUENT CITATIONS ARE PAID. Payment of outstanding citations will remove a vehicle from the Immobilization List. Tulane affiliates may elect to receive an immobilization citation in lieu of the fee to release the immobilization device.

  • Any unauthorized vehicle parking in a space marked “RESERVED ALL HOURS,” “RESERVED FOR HANDICAPPED,” “RESERVED FOR DELIVERY/SERVICE VEHICLES,” or blocking a fire lane will be immobilized and/or towed by the Tulane Police Department or Parking Services. An administrative fee of $100 will be assessed IN ADDITION TO THE TOWING FEE OF THE PRIVATE TOWING COMPANY.
  • For continued disregard of the rules and regulations and at the discretion of the Tulane University Parking Director, downtown garage parking privileges may be suspended for a period of up to one semester.
  • Vehicles which cannot be identified by visible license plate or VIN may be immobilized for identification and will be released upon presentation of proper identification at Campus Services office or Police Department.
Section VII: Payments of Fines

  • Each individual receiving a traffic citation will have 10 WORKING DAYS FROM THE DATE OF THE VIOLATION in which payment may be made at the Campus Services office, located in the Tidewater Building (1440 Canal Street) Room 803 or at
  • After 10 working days, those known violators with unpaid fines will be referred to Accounts Receivable or the Payroll Office for collection.
  1. The assessment of any fines may be challenged before the Parking Appeals Committee, composed by an autonomous Advisory Board of faculty and staff members. You may file an appeal by electronic mail (email) or In all cases your appeal must be received in the Parking Services office within 10 calendar days from the date the citation was issued. 
  2. There is a $5 administrative fee for filing each parking citation appeal. The administrative fee will be credited only if the appeal is upheld by the Parking Appeals Committee. 
  3. Decisions of the Parking Appeals Committee are final—there are no further appeals. Citations which are paid cannot be appealed. If an appeal is upheld, fees will be returned, and the citation will be dismissed.
Section VIII: Responsible Parties

The University Senate Committee of Physical Facilities is responsible for advising the Senior Vice-President of Operations and the Chief Financial Officer regarding the promulgation and/or revision of the Rules and Regulations contained herein.