Design Services

Design Services manages projects through the design phase, typically assuming responsibility of the project after the University Planning Office has worked with the users of the project to determine a final program. We help coordinate conversations between the user and the professional design team hired to design the project or work with the user to develop a design in-house, depending on the scope of the project.

Design Services also provides assistance to the University Planning Office during programming in order to provide feedback on the design implications of any major programming decisions and by creating a project budget and schedule. During construction, we assist Construction Services in any decisions that must be made affecting design and use of the building.

Other efforts by Design Services in completing projects on campus include coordinating interior design and signage of the space with the professional design team. We also provide support for documenting LEED for any project perusing certification.

Services At-A-Glance 


  • Project definition/confirmation
  • Establish budget/adjust for bid
  • Establish schedule
  • Assemble and distribute Request for Proposal
  • Establish project committees/working groups
  • Design team selection
  • Design contract negotiation
  • Review and approve design team invoices


  • Owner Project Requirements
  • Design Review
  • Coordination between design team and university constituents
  • Executive committee presentations
  • University committee presentations
  • Design action item resolution and communication
  • Commissioning agent coordination
  • Pre-construction services coordination
  • Material/finish confirmation


  • Design issues resolution during construction
  • LEED Coordination
  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment design and/or design coordination
  • Signage design and/or design coordination
  • Landscape design coordination
  • A/V design coordination
  • Bid review / clarifications
  • Punch list review and close-out

Peripheral Projects                

  • Coordination of related build-outs, moves, utility expansion, etc. as needed.