Consultant Selection

Architectural Team Selection Process

The process of selecting a design team is a critical component of any project process and, just as an architectural design is a response to the surrounding context, the selection process is typically tailored to the context of the proposed project.

The selection process typically includes a qualifications submittal and one of the following four methods for the design team selection:

  • Direct team selection
  • Team selection with interview
  • Team selection with interview and preliminary concepts
  • Design competition

The University Architect orchestrates the architect selection process in collaboration with the Vice President for Campus Services and the Senior Associate Vice President for Capital Projects. Participants on the selection committee may also include University leadership (President /Provost), Board of Trustees members, donors, faculty, and individual school representatives.

Pre-qualification information is important in order to keep our records and design firm information up to date. With the advent of firm web sites, we have been focusing on keeping this information electronically in lieu of the printed brochures. If you are interested in sending information to our office, please send a maximum of 10 PowerPoint slides that illustrate the design firm’s relevant project experience and strengths to the University Architect at

Depending on the project, Tulane will establish a long list of firms, solicit qualification materials, and work with the project selection committee to establish a short list. An RFP will be sent to those shortlisted firms soliciting additional information and one of the four processes above will follow.