Uptown Campus Parking: Weather Policies

To allow us to accommodate our parking permit holders while also ensuring the safety of our community, Tulane Parking Services reserves the right to activate Restricted Mode in the Diboll Parking Garage on the uptown campus during severe weather events.

Restricted Mode begins when the university announces a campus closure due to a weather event. Restricted Mode ends when the closure begins, at which time entry to Diboll will no longer be allowed.

Restricted Mode on the uptown campus allows Diboll Garage access only to faculty, staff, and students with annual permits according to the policies below.

During restricted mode, the following policies are in place and enforced by TUPD and Parking Services personnel:

  • To access the Diboll garage during restricted mode, be prepared to show your Splash Card and hang your parking permit from your rearview mirror so that Parking Services and TUPD may grant access into the garage.
  • Only Tulane staff, faculty, and students with a current uptown campus parking permit will be allowed access into the garage based on availability. Contractors or affiliates with parking permits will not be allowed access.
  • Purchase of an uptown campus annual permit does not guarantee a parking space in the Diboll Garage during restricted mode
  • Parking will not be allowed on the ground floor, 5th floor up ramp to the rooftop, and 6th floor rooftop. Spaces on the 2nd floor of the garage that are reserved all hours and/or coned off are for university essential personnel only

Uptown parking options for non-permit holders:

  • Loyola University: Parking may be available on the Loyola University campus. For more information on Loyola Parking Services, call (504) 865-3000 or email parking@loyno.edu

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