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Parent FAQs

How should my student report a facility  or service-related issue?

That depends on the type of issue:

  • Residence hall room lighting, electricity, plumbing, walls, water, locks/card readers, air conditioning, or doors:  Submit a Service Wave ticket at
  • Residence hall furniture or MicroFridge:  Contact Housing & Residence Life at or 504-865-5724
  • Eduroam wifi, data jacks, or other technology:  Contact Technology Services at
  • Residence hall washer or dryer:  Report issues at
  • Share an experience at a dining location: Email

Students  can also submit Service Wave requests for common spaces, including communal bathrooms and study spaces in the residence halls.  If your student sees something wrong in a building or wants us to know of an issue they are experiencing, encourage them to put it into  This will provide them with a record that a ticket was put in and they will receive information about the request—when it was completed, what was done or if there’s a delay due to a required part.

What’s this Service Wave you keep mentioning?

Service Wave is our work ticket management system that allows us to  track, manage, and maintain our buildings and facilities.  Students are encouraged to input their own requests as a email addressed is required, and they receive a confirmation email of their request and are assigned a ticket number.  Tickets are received and reviewed by staff in customer engagement and assigned to the appropriate technician or area.  If a request is unclear, customer engagement staff will follow up with the student to get more information.  

What if my student has an emergency facilities request?

While we consider all requests for service to be important, not all requests are emergencies.  Overflowing toilets or sinks, bodily fluids such as blood or urine, water leaking from the ceiling, someone trapped in an elevator or locked in their room because the door knob fell off are all emergencies and should be called in immediately to 504-865-5441.  All non-emergency requests should be entered into Service Wave.

How does my student know that the requested work has been done in their residence hall room?

If no one is present when the technician arrives to perform work in a residence hall room, a ticket will be left on the door that states the date and time, technician’s name, name of service requestor, work ticket number, reason for visit, and whether or not the work was able to be completed. If your student has any further problems,  they may contact Campus Services and reference the  Service Wave  work ticket number.

What  proactive steps are being taken  in facilities like dining rooms and residence halls  to address cleanliness and maintenance concerns?

In addition to staff in the new Campus Services customer engagement offices, we have a Quality Assurance team whose role is in part to identify, manage and follow up on all facility and building issues.  The QA team is doing  regular walkthroughs of our campus facilities, including residence halls and dining  venues,  with our director of custodial services. The purpose of these walkthroughs is twofold: 1) To follow up on past or recurrent  issues and 2) To proactively identify issues that we have not yet been notified of. As  our QA team identifies  issues,  they are entered into  Service Wave so the issue may be assigned to a technician to work on it.

How do you deal with  repetitive  issues, unaddressed requests or incomplete  work,  such as mildew in the showers, overflowing trash cans, vomit in the stairwell or pests in the dining hall?

We are in the process of reevaluating our current procedures, especially as they relate to recurring building and facility issues. In doing so, we have found that we are often inconsistent in how we handle recurring issues. After every service ticket is closed, the customer is emailed a survey. When customers are still facing a  recurring issue, or the work is considered incomplete, we find that they respond to this survey in one of three ways: 1) Fill out the survey, giving us negative reviews on our work; 2) Call Campus Services directly to report the continued problem; or 3) Send an email to Campus Services to report the problem still exists.

When our Campus Services customer engagement staff receives these comments, they in turn address the continued complaint in one of three ways: 1) Call the technician directly without noting the continued issue in the system; 2) Reopen the old service ticket; or 3) Create a new ticket to report the problem, without linking it to the old ticket. This inconsistency means that we are unable to track recurring problems through the system and address the issue or lack of response to the issue.

To  best serve our customers this process needs to be consistent, and we are developing standard procedures  for addressing the  reporting of recurring issues. By better educating our staff on how to address these issues, we will be able to respond more quickly and efficiently to repeat issues and prevent recurring issues by addressing the problem proactively.

How can I assist my student in getting resolution to a problem—whether a new one or a recurring one?

Ensure your student has put in a service request to This is the first step to getting the problem fixed. Depending upon the severity of the issue and the number of other tickets we have in the system, we prioritize all of our work. If your student feels an issue is lingering too long or not being addressed, please have them email us at with their ticket number (it’s a 6 digit number preceded by TU-) so that we may contact the technicians for additional information.

Are you doing anything else to ensure these problems don’t linger into Fall 2018?

We are working with Housing and Residence Life to review spring check-out procedures so that our staff are better informed about the state of residence hall rooms when students move out in the spring.  Having this knowledge as soon as a student leaves campus allows us more time to resolve the problems before students return.