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Parent FAQs

How should my student report a facility  or service-related issue?



Had an experience in one of our dining locations that you’d like to share? Submit the details, date, time, and location to the green Let's Talk tab on the right side of this page. Feel free to include a picture!


Having problems with lighting, electricity, plumbing, walls, water, locks/card readers, air conditioning, or doors? Submit a ticket to servicewave.tulane.edu.


Furniture broken or in need of repair? Microfridge problems? Submit a ticket to servicewave.tulane.edu.
Locked out of your room? See the front desk of your residence hall for assistance.


Are the washers or dryers in your residence hall giving you problems? Report at laundryview.com/lvs.php.


Is Eduroam wifi cutting out again? Need to repair a data jack? Contact Technology Services at help@tulane.edu.


HAVE AN EMERGENCY? Overflowing toilet or sink? Bodily fluids in your room or hall? Trouble with alarms? Call Campus Services immediately at 504-865-5441

Students can also submit Service Wave requests for common spaces, including communal bathrooms and study spaces in the residence halls.  If your student sees something wrong in a building or wants us to know of an issue they are experiencing, encourage them to put it into servicewave.tulane.edu. This will provide them with a record that a ticket was put in and they will receive information about the request—when it was completed, what was done or if there’s a delay due to a required part.

What is Service Wave?

Service Wave is our work ticket management system that allows us to  track and manage maintenance and repairs in our buildings and facilities.  Students are encouraged to input their own requests as a tulane.edu email address is required, and they receive a confirmation email of their request and are assigned a ticket number. Tickets are received and reviewed by staff in customer engagement and assigned to the appropriate technician or area. If a request is unclear, customer engagement staff will follow up with the student to get more information.  

What if my student has an emergency facilities request?

While we consider all requests for service to be important, not all requests are emergencies.  Overflowing toilets or sinks, bodily fluids such as blood or urine, water leaking from the ceiling, someone trapped in an elevator or locked in their room because the door knob fell off are all emergencies and should be called in immediately to 504-865-5441. All non-emergency requests should be entered into Service Wave.

How does my student know that the requested work has been done in their residence hall room?

If no one is present when the technician arrives to perform work in a residence hall room, a note will be left on the door stating the date and time, technician’s name, name of service requestor, work ticket number, reason for visit, and whether or not the work was able to be completed. If your student has any further problems,  they may contact Campus Services through the "Let's Talk" tab on the right-hand side of this page and reference the Service Wave work ticket number.

How can I assist my student in getting resolution to a problem—whether a new one or a recurring one?

Ensure your student has put in a service request to servicewave.tulane.edu. This is the first step to getting the problem fixed. Depending upon the severity of the issue and the number of other tickets we have in the system, we prioritize all of our work. If your student feels an issue is lingering too long or not being addressed, please have them contact us through the "Let's Talk" tab on the right-hand side of this page with their ticket number (it’s a 6 digit number preceded by TU-) so that we may contact the technicians for additional information.

My student is experiencing an infestation of flying pests. What should they do?

If it’s near finals and your student is seeing what look like flying ants in the bathroom and bedroom of their residence hall, please note that it is termite season in New Orleans. The Formosan swarmer termites appear each year, usually two weeks before and after Mother’s Day. These termites look for light sources in buildings around dusk, so the best way to keep them from entering your student’s room is for them to keep all doors and windows closed, turn off bright overhead lights, and close window blinds or coverings. 

For more information, read this article from the Louisiana State University AgCenter: lsuagcenter.com/profiles/lblack/articles/page1589290455505

How can my student prevent mold and mildew in their residence hall room?

The humid climate in New Orleans makes our residence halls susceptible to the growth of mildew and mold. However, your student can take precautions in their room to reduce moisture and the threat of mold and mildew growth. Click here to view the Mold Fact Sheet and Mold Guidance Policy prepared by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety. For more information about preventing mold and mildew, please click here

Are mold test kits available at home centers, hardware stores, and online reliable?

DIY mold test kits serve to demonstrate the obvious – mold is pervasive in the environment. There is no natural environment that is free of fungal organisms.

My student is experiencing respiratory symptoms. Is this attributable to their residence hall environment?

Every fall, many students will experience some physical symptoms associated with their overall transition to life on campus (academic, social, environmental, etc.). These symptoms may be related to the building, but each individual student’s routines, social life, sleeping habits, distance from home and proximity to a lot of new people are also factors to consider. If a student has concerns about their room, they should submit a Service Wave request and a technician will be assigned to address the issue.