RMH - Week of October 27, 2023

Sources of Noise

  • Heavy machinery operations.
  • Vehicles operations.
  • Dumpster activities.

Utility Shutdowns

  • None at this time


  • Dumpsters
  • Construction materials

Events for upcoming week

  • Continue new addition Steel fireproofing South. Complete interior steel fireproofing.
  • General site cleanup/ safety improvements.
  • Continue interior Hangers and wall layouts.
  • Continue electrical installation on interior floors. (Rough in)
  • Continue 4th floor platform assembly South.
  • Continue tuckpointing activities SW and West central exterior. Brick infill at beam pockets East masonry wall.
  • Continue Fire lid installation 1st floor existing structure, move to 2nd floor.
  • Continue exterior sheathing on new addition. Waterproof sheathing.
  • Install plumbing and HVAC pipes/ ducts.
  • Continue Historical window installation.

Recap of week ending October 22, 2023

  • Continue erection of 4th floor work platform for ceilings.
  • Infill brick at east beam pockets South addition. Continue West exterior tuckpointing activities.
  • Finish North flat roof, continue Southeast roof repairs, continue NE flashing install.
  • Continue plumbing installation throughout building. (Piping and supports.)
  • Continue fireproofing South addition.
  • Continue interior electrical rough in (lighting and floor boxes). 
  • Continue HVAC duct work.
  • Continue historical window installation.
  • Install stair sections and handrails as they arrive.