The grounds team is responsible for general campus landscape management, as well as underground excavations for repairs or installation of new utilities, street sweeping all campus and surrounding city streets, repair and installation of asphalt and cement, and installation of campus signage. Within grounds, the Campus Landscape Architect designs and consults on new landscape construction, supervising all landscape projects. Tulane University has been named a “Tree Campus USA” by the Arbor Day foundation every year since 2010, and Grounds is responsible for keeping the campus’s 1,065 trees healthy through proper fertilization and pruning. 

Grounds designs, installs, and maintains drainage systems on campus and Grounds department supervisors sit on the Storm Water Management Committee chaired by Campus Planning. A grounds technician manages campus irrigation, including the 2,162 sprinkler heads and 47 control boxes. A stockpile of over 1,000 sandbags is maintained for emergencies.

Grounds sets up, maintains, and removes garbage cans, recycling cans, and barricades for campus events.

The grounds team also manages off-campus properties, including the city neutral grounds on Broadway Street from Willow Street to St. Charles Avenue and on St. Charles Avenue from Loyola to 2 Audubon Place, as well as all fraternity buildings and 15 other university-owned off-campus properties.


Services we provide at no cost:

  • Care of turf, trees and shrubs
  • Streets, roads, parking lots, sidewalks, patios, fences, benches, receptacles, and bike racks
  • Subsurface drains
  • Upkeep at #2 Audubon Place and the university's Alumni House
  • Upkeep of St. Charles Avenue and Broadway Street neutral grounds (medians)
  • Underground irrigation system
  • Normal litter control
  • Pest control
  • Regular mosquito fogging of campus

All of the services below are provided for an additional charge.  An Interdepartmental Transfer (IT) must be completed to initiate your request.

  • Setup and cleanup from special events
  • Garbage cans, recycling cans, and barricades for campus events
  • Rental and delivery of potted plants for special events
  • New installations or renovations

Have questions? Please contact Facilities Services.