Bicycle Rules and Regulations

All faculty, staff, and students who operate or park bicycles on the Tulane campus must register the bicycle with the Tulane University Police Department and display a Tulane University Bicycle Permit. To register your bicycle, please complete the bicycle registration form.

Bait Bike Program Brochure

Operating & Parking Bicycles on Tulane University Campus


 a) Bicycles should register their bike in the Campus Services office, 107 Lavin-Bernick Center by presenting:

    (i) The bicycle or the bill of sale with the bicycle information;

    (ii) Tulane University Splash Card; and

    (iii) Completing a Tulane University Bicycle Permit Form.

 b) There is no fee associated with obtaining a Tulane University Bicycle Permit.


 a) Bicycles operating on campus streets must come to a complete stop at all stop signs and occupied
       pedestrian crosswalks.

   (i) Bicycles are prohibited from exceeding the posted speed limit.

   (ii) Bicyclists must travel with the directional flow of traffic.

   (iii) Bicyclists must obey all state and local laws/ordinances and Tulane University Policies related to 

   (iv) Bicycles should proceed carefully on the gray, crushed rock areas, walkways and sidewalks but 
        must yield to pedestrians at all times.

   (v) When pedestrian traffic on sidewalks and walkways is heavy, bicycles may proceed cautiously on 
         lawn areas.

  b) Bicycles may only be secured to bicycle racks.

   (i) Lobbies, stairwells, handrails, posts, fences, benches, street signs and parking meters are not legal
        parking spaces for bicycles. Bicycles found illegally parked or secured to anything other than a bicycle
        rack will be subject to immobilization/removal or fine.


  (i) Bicycles parked on campus the week following Spring Commencement, will be considered abandoned 
      and impounded.

  (ii) Abandoned bicycles will be inventoried and stored for a period not to exceed 90 days. After 90 days all
       unclaimed, abandoned bicycles will be disposed of according to Tulane University Policy.

  (iii) Owners of bicycles that have been declared abandoned will be assessed a $2.00 per day storage fee.
        Storage fee shall not exceed $100.00. 


  (i) Failing to display a valid Tulane University Bicycle Permit:  $10.00 (per offense).

  (ii) All other violations:     $20.00

  (iii) Individuals receiving bicycle violations will have ten (10) working days to pay the citation(s). After ten 
        (10) working days, unpaid violations will be referred to Accounts Receivable or the Payroll Office for 

  (iv) To gain release of a bicycle that is immobilized/impounded, the bicycle must be registered and 
        the owner must pay a fee of $25.00 to cover the cost of impoundment. A storage fee of $2.00 per 
        day will be applied where applicable. Storage fee shall not exceed $100.00.

   (v) Fees collected from violations and/or the sale of unclaimed/abandoned bicycles will be dedicated to 
        the purchase of bicycle racks, locks and other articles to enhance the bicycle anti-theft program and 
        to make improvements.

      Revised 9/20/2018