Moving Services FAQs


Why do I have to empty my filing cabinets before a move?

Due to the weight of filled cabinets, we cannot safely move full filing cabinets.
Can Moving Services move my equipment or furniture on weekends?

Yes, but only with ample notification (72 hours prior to requested service) and only if we have all items needed. All moves requested outside of normal operating hours will incur overtime charges.
Will Moving Services pay for the recalibration of my equipment?

No, we are not responsible for any damage to equipment. We may decline to move equipment if it is deemed unsafe. In that case, we will ask that you reach out to a third-party vendor.
My desk fell apart during a move. Will Moving Services repair it or purchase a replacement?

Moving Services is not responsible for furniture that breaks or falls apart. Most modern furniture is made of particle board and is not meant to be moved around. Repairs to certain furniture may be explored depending on the extent of the damage.
Why was I charged for 30 minutes of time when my move only took five minutes?

We charge a minimum of 30 minutes for all moves. For weekend moves, the minimum charge is three hours.
Why do some moves cost more than others?

There are many different variables that affect the time and cost of an individual move, such as flights of stairs, availability of elevators, etc. Jobs are charged from the time items are picked up to the time that they are moved to their final destination.
I forgot to submit an IT. Can I get 30 chairs and 100 tables delivered today?

Only if we have the items in stock and the staff to deliver those items. Otherwise, we cannot fulfill last-minute requests.
The tables you delivered look old and dirty. Can you swap them out for new tables?

We are in the process of purchasing new tables as old ones break or become unusable. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that these items look brand-new with every use. For that reason, we recommend that you use table covers when ordering tables from Moving Services.