Financial & Administrative Services

The Financial and Administrative Services division of Planning, Design, and Construction supports the overall department mission by facilitating communication between the financial, administrative and technical sectors of Tulane University for the Design and Construction Services personnel.  In addition, we provide assistance to general contractors in navigating Tulane University’s policies and procedures to ensure materials are on site for a new build and that their suppliers are paid quickly.

Services At-A-Glance

  • Keep records of all financial activity for construction projects.
  • Report all financial activity for construction projects.
  • Route invoices for owner direct purchase items to contractor for approval.
  • Prepare forms as required by Tulane’s internal departments to process payment.
  • Work with Materials Management department to create Purchase Orders.
  • Work with Accounts Payables department to verify invoice processing and payment turnaround time. 
  • Work with The Accounting Office to verify checks have been issued or direct deposit payments have been wired.