Frequently Asked Questions

Design Services

How does my department request a project?

A project can be requested by submitting a Project Request Form through Service Now.
Please note that projects within spaces that are highly visible and open to the general public are subject to additional review by various Tulane entities such as the Campus Design Review Committee.
How are design consultants of the university selected?

Typically, the selection of architects and other design consultants is carefully crafted to meet the end goals of the project. A team of university stakeholders called the selection committee, representing a cross section of those who will be involved throughout the whole process of the project, determines the needs and goals of a project.
A list of consultants is then selected based on their past experience with projects having similar goals, the scale of the project, the project’s schedule and other factors, and they are sent a Request for Proposal (RFP). Based on the proposals received, a shortlist of responding consultants is selected for interviews with the selection committee. A consultant is then selected by aggregating the ratings of the members of the selection committee in a number of relevant categories.
How are projects managed to meet the overall goals of the university?

A number of people, committees and departments are involved in the development of a project at Tulane. A project starts in the University Planning Office, who ensures that the project fits within the overall goals of the university and the university master plan.
Design Services then takes the lead, organizing various project-specific committees which often include members of the president’s cabinet, leaders are various schools and departments, directors and managers representing the users of the project and a group of people from various technical departments including Facilities Services, TUPD, etc. Feedback from these committees ensure that the project meets the day-to-day needs of the users and utilizes standards developed across campus buildings. Design Services also presents projects to university-wide committees such as the Campus Design Review Committee, or the Campus Planning Executive Committee, getting feedback that influences how the project fits within the overall campus.
Finally, Construction Services ensures that the project follows the design and is constructed within the timeframe required. They also coordinate construction with other university stakeholders to ensure the project goes smoothly from start to finish.
How can my company be considered for work with Tulane University?

Architects/Designers: Answer TBD
General Contractors: Answer TBD
Vendors/Subcontractors: Answer TBD
Who can I contact to get information about ergonomics and ergonomic furniture?

Departments and individuals may contact the Office of Environmental Health and Safety for advice on workplace ergonomics and ergonomic furniture. A number of resources are available on their website.
Are there any guidelines for interior and exterior finishes?

Departments may reach out to Lindsay Hellwig, University Interior Designer, for information on acceptable paint colors, flooring materials and furniture. Finishes are chosen for their durability and warranty.

Construction Services

How do I sign a Master Service Agreement (MSA)?

Instructions on receiving information about the Tulane Master Service Agreement can be found here.
How can I receive notices about project activities?

Construction Services maintains two Construction Listserv mailing lists. Sign up for construction alerts related to the uptown or downtown campuses:

Administrative Services

Why does it take so long to receive my payment?

Due to the terms of the superseding general construction contract, Construction Services cannot automatically pay an invoice. When we receive your invoice, it is sent to the GC (and any necessary Sub’s) for approval. Once the GC authorizes us to pay your invoice, every effort is made to process your invoice within 3 business days of the GC’s approval return date.
Where is my invoice in the approval process?

Please contact the general contractor or sub-contractor who secured your services. They will be in possession of any invoice that has not yet been paid. If they have already forwarded the invoice in question to Construction Services, please get the date of their approval before contacting the office so we can assist you with timing delays.
Why have some of my invoices been paid, but not all of them?

Purchase Orders are opened for an original quote amount. If, during the course of a build, more materials are needed than were originally quoted; the Purchase Order will need to be increased to cover the additional materials supplied. Any invoice that does not exceed the PO amount, can be paid. The additional invoices will not be paid until we receive direction from the GC to increase the PO amount, this is a Purchase Order Change Order (POCO).
How can I get a copy of a Purchase Order?

You should receive a copy of the Purchase Order from Tulane’s Materials Management department, typically via fax; when they have approved the purchase. If you are not in receipt of an anticipated turnaround form, please contact the GC who receives the PO via e-mail when Materials Management notifies Construction Services of an approved PO.
I don’t see my question here….

Please send a brief email with your contact information to; the process coordinator will route your inquiry to the appropriate person for assistance.