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Web Accessibility

Websites are commonly used to convey information about events and as a means to register to attend an event. Creating accessible websites and registration forms is critical to ensuring that persons with disabilities have equal access to information about events. Following the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines will guarantee that your web content is accessible to the broadest range of users.

Essential elements of accessible web design include:

  • Providing alternate text for visual content
  • Providing text alternatives to audio content (including captioning with multimedia)
  • Cascading style sheets rather than HTML tables
  • Avoiding the use of color to convey important information
  • Using high-contrast foreground/background colors
  • Specifying the language of the content (English, Spanish, or some other language)
  • Avoiding flashing animation
  • Using relative units rather than absolutes (e.g., percentages instead of pixels);
  • Making all functionality available from a keyboard.


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