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Event Publicity & Registration

When you send out the invitation or notice, include a welcome message to let invitees know they can contact the planner regarding accommodations.

Your message might include a disability accommodation statement, as well as contact information for the event planner and on-site event coordinator.

Sample Accommodation Statements:

  • For disability accommodations (e.g., sign language interpreters, alternative formats) please contact [name, email, phone] as soon as possible.
  • Tulane University is committed to providing universal access to all of our events. Please contact [name, email, phone] to request disability accommodations. Advance notice is necessary to arrange for some accessibility needs.

Another approach is to include a checklist in your meeting RSVP.

Sample Accommodation Checklist:

  • If you have a disability and may require accommodations in order to fully participate, please indicate here___________.
  • How would you like to be contacted to discuss your needs?____________________.
  • I will need the following accommodations in order to participate:
    • ___ Assistive listening device
    • ___ Captioning
    • ___ Reserved front row seat
    • ___ Large print
    • ___ Advance copy of slides to be projected
    • ___ Wheelchair access
    • ___ Wheelchair access to working tables throughout room
    • ___ Scent-free room
    • ___ Lactation room
    • ___ Gender neutral bathroom
    • ___ Diet Restrictions. List: __________________
    • ___ Other: _____________________________

Pre-registration for an event provides an opportunity for event planners to provide important details about the event. A comprehensive description of the event, including location, environmental conditions, services available, etc. will help participants determine what types of accommodations may be needed. Information that is helpful to know includes the distance to parking areas, the availability of transportation services, whether the venue is air-conditioned, if assistive listening devices are available, scooter or wheelchair availability, and the availability of food options for persons with food allergies.

If an event includes overnight lodging, the event planner should investigate the accessibility features of the lodging.  


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