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Accessible Room Set-Up

Once an accessible site is selected, the meeting room furniture must be arranged so that:

  • People who use mobility devices (e.g., wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, crutches, canes) can maneuver throughout and use the amenities independently
  • People who are blind or have low vision can navigate easily and safely
  • People who are deaf or hard of hearing can use assistive listening systems and see speakers, interpreters, and captioning;
  • All participants feel comfortable and ready to be engaged in the event.

When arranging your meeting/event space, follow the same guidelines you did when selecting your space:


Consider those with hearing impairment and provide a public address (PA) system; roving microphone; limit unnecessary background music; seating available near presenter for lip reading; availability of assistive listening devices. Is there well-lit space for an interpreter if needed?


Consider those who may be in a wheelchair or have other mobility impairment and provide accessible parking near venue; proximity to bus stop; ramp and/or elevator access; accessible bathrooms; barrier-free pathways; wide doorways and aisles to accommodate wheelchairs/scooters; no loose cables across walking areas; provide campus map in advance

Service Animals:

Consider access and space for service dogs and provide comfortable space for service animals to rest during event; accessible toileting and watering facilities nearby.


Consider those who may need to use adaptive devices and provide electrical outlets in accessible seating areas to accommodate devices, laptops, etc.; extra space or work surface.


Consider those with impaired sight and provide clear signage (identifying location and directions); well-lit meeting space and adjacent areas; projection screen visible from all seating (if using projection). 


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